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1-Yr-Old Child Falling From Balcony Video Viral On Social Media, Who is Ruhi Asci? Details!

There are no miracles in the world. Recently, something similar happened to people. It was quite heartbreaking if that man didn’t come at the right time to save a 1-year-old toddler. You heard it right. Recently, there was shocking news from Amasya in northern Turkey. A toddler fell from a balcony. Fortunately, Ruhi Asci came to his rescue. You can see the entire incident on social media. He was quickly tagged as a hero and many are looking for him. For More Updates Stay Tuned With

Who is Ruhi Asci

Ruhi Asci Falling Viral Video

According to the reports, the toddler was later identified as “Khatora” Amiri. His parents took him as a witness to a terrifying tragedy. However, their child is now safe, and they were overcome with emotion when they returned him. We cannot tell you how grateful the parents are to him for saving their lives. It is hard to watch our loved ones go, but it is not as painful as seeing them leave. Fortunately, everything is okay there.

Who is Ruhi Asci?”

According to reports, Ruhi Aschi, a shopkeeper, is located near the home of a toddler. At the time of the incident Ruhi Aschi was standing outside the store, which allowed him to see the toddler. He said that he saw the child when he turned his back, so he rolled over and hit the ground. He also mentions that only a small amount of blood was seen, which is good because it means that there wasn’t an eternal injury.

The entire incident was captured by the surveillance camera placed near the crime scene. This allowed for the complete incident to be seen clearly while still understanding the severity of the tragedy. Ruhi is being referred to as the “superhero” on social media. He saved the life of a toddler. Uncounted people are appreciating Ruhi’s heroic actions and sending their best wishes. His incredible feat of saving a toddler’s life without even thinking about his own health is amazing. You can also watch the video clip if you’d like to dig deeper. It is currently making huge waves.



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