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200 Decomposing Corpses Found In Hospital Roof In Multan, Pakistan Video Goes Viral On Social Media, Details Explored!

200 Decomposing Corpses Found In Hospital Roof In Multan, Pakistan Video Goes Viral On Social Media, Details Explored! According to social media reports, hundreds of human body organs have been recovered from the Nishtar Hospital’s mortuary building in Multan following which the government decided to investigate the incident, as reported by Geo News. According to reports that are consulted, numerous bodies are decaying in the room on top of Nishtar Hospital. However, according to reports that is being shared on social media thousands of body organs have been retrieved on the top of the building. For More Updates Stay Tuned With

What Is Decomposing Corpses?

What Is Decomposing Corpses?

There is no confirmation or denial that has been issued however, by any official of the government over the amount of bodies. Advisor to the Chief Minister of Punjab, Tariq Zaman Gujjar told a whistleblower that he had tipped him off to the decaying bodies that were piled up on the top of the mortuary’s roof at Nishtar Hospital, reported Geo News. “I was on a visit in Nishtar Hospital when a man approached me and said if you want to do a good deed then go the morgue and check it out,” Gujjar stated.

200 Decomposing Corpses Found In Multan, Pakistan

Gujjar said that when he arrived there, the staff weren’t prepared to get the doors opened to the mortuary. “To this, I said if you don’t open it right now, I am going to file an FIR against you,” Gujjar said. The morgue finally was opened they entered, they were shocked to discover at least 200 corpses scattered around. “All the decomposing bodies [of both men and women] were bare. Even women’s bodies weren’t covered. Gujjar stated that when he asked the doctors (doctors) to clarify what was happening, they told him that they were using these by medical students to serve education.

Decomposing Corpses Found On Hospital Roof In Multan

“Do you sell these bodies? I asked the mortuary authorities. Gujjar stated that he had asked doctors to explain the incident , and as a response, they stated that the incident was not what they was as they were utilized by medical students for education purposes as reported by Geo News. “Two of the bodies on the roof were rather in the early stages of decomposition. Maggots were all over them,” Gujjar declared. He claimed to have never seen anything similar to it in the 50 years he has lived. “Vultures and worms were scavenging on the corpses on the roof. Our tally showed there were at least 35 bodies on the rooftop of the mortuary.”

Then, Punjab Chief Minister Pervez Elahi was aware of the bodies left unclaimed and requested an explanation from the Punjab specialized medical and healthcare education secretary, as reported by Geo News. The Punjab government set up the committee with six members to investigate the incident following the discovery of bodies. were discovered , and videos and photos were uploaded to the internet. Additionally, Nishtar Medical’s vice-chancellor has also set up three-member committee to conduct an investigation regarding the incident. A letter, dated 13 October 2022, also addressed to the medical director of the hospital asking for a full investigation report in three days time, according to Geo News.



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