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Arkansas State Officers Beating Video Goes Viral On Social Media, 3 Officers Suspended, Victim Name & Other Details Explored!

Arkansas State Officers Beating Video Goes Viral On Social Media, 3 Officers Suspended, Victim Name & Other Details Explored! Arkansas State Police Station’s investigation report on the three local enforcement officers’ law circulated the video showing them beating a man. The video was viral on the internet. The video shows one of the officers punching the victim repeatedly in the face. Later, he also hits his head on the pavement. The State Police Department released a report stating that the man was a criminal because he had committed numerous crimes and threatened a shopkeeper on Sunday morning. The investigation continues and all three of the accused were dismissed from duty. They were on paid leave at the time. To be freed from the allegations, officers must give statements and provide evidence of innocence. For the most recent updates, please visit Our website

Arkansas State Officers Beating Viral Video

Arkansas State Officers Beating Viral Video

The case was opened for further interrogation by the station police officers. The three officers were removed from the scene of their confrontation with Randall Worcester. Randall Worcester is a 27-year-old man who pushed Randall Worcester to the ground and then smashed his head into the pavement. The incident was later investigated by police and the accused were arrested. He was identified as Mr. Worcester and was taken to the hospital. The victim was threatened with terroristic threats and was later arrested for criminal trespass, some assault charges, and other offenses. According to police officials, the accused were forced to stand out in order for them to be interrogated under very strict conditions. Video of the incident of arrest captured the officer beating and torturing the suspect while forcing him to kneel. They were wearing the uniforms of the Crawford County Sheriff’s Office.

Who Is Arkansas State Officer?

The victim was then restrained from the ground by the third officer. As soon as police arrived at the scene of the incident, the victim was taken to the hospital. The paramedical staff provided the necessary treatment. After that, he was taken to the hospital ward for observation. In the video, the first suspect was seen covering the victim’s head and rolling him into a ball while kick him. The Crawford County Sheriff’s Office identified the accused as Deputy Zack King and Deputy Levi White, while officer Thell Riddle of the Mulberry police station was the second. The video clip was shared on social media and viewed many times by users across all platforms.

Even a woman could be seen crying out for help, saying “Don’t beat him” because the victim had already been severely injured and required more medical attention. The victim’s sister, the person who posted the tweet, was the one who saw the entire incident. The jury had ordered the police to investigate the matter and would announce the outcome.



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