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Asian Doll Fighting With Woman Video Went Viral On Twitter, Reddit And Youtube!

Asian Doll Fighting With Woman Video Went Viral On Twitter, Reddit And Youtube! Asian Doll appears to be in a major mess right now, after a viral video of her was posted. This is being criticized by many netizens. According to sources, Asian was at the pool party, and then she had interactions with her fans. Then, the woman took the diamond chain from the rapper. People started filming the moment as the Asian doll got into a fight. The video quickly went viral on the internet and was mocked by many for letting the women down. The rapper appears to be not on the same page as the Asian women trying to snatch the chain. Let’s talk about what happened to Asian Dolls. For the most recent updates, please visit Our Website

Asian Doll Fighting With Woman Video Viral

Asian Doll Fighting With Woman Video Viral

Many people began to mock Asian for beating and torturing her after the viral video became popular. In a statement, the woman also relapsed and said she was trying to imagine herself with the rapper and was only trying to touch her. Asian doll said that the woman attempted to steal her diamond chain, while at the same moment the Asian was seen beating the woman in the video. While many people supported the rapper, others supported the woman trying to take a photo with Asians. Although there are many sides to the story, most people believe that the woman wasn’t trying to grab the chain.

Asian Doll Latest Fighting Video

A security officer intervened and separated the women after they got into a fight. Asian was then transferred to the vehicle, which was waiting for her. Asian called the woman a fake Dior woman after she said that he was just trying to take a photo. Asian was snarky and mocked the woman through tweets, saying she was trying to get the diamond necklace she was wearing. It quickly became viral after it was shared online by many people.

Asian Doll Full Viral Video explained

Many people shared the video on Twitter and others tweeted about it. There was also much mockery of Asian women and Asians on Twitter. One Instagram user posted the video, claiming that someone was trying to snatch the Asian Doll’s chain. Asians shared their concerns about the woman on Twitter. A user commented that it was okay to have fun with someone and forget about them. Another commenter said that the party was a bit shady and that the chain wasn’t snatched. Some of them suggested that Asian might have been trying to draw attention to the case by pointing out that the woman may be right. The truth of the matter is not known.



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