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Ava Wood Syracuse Death Cause And Reason, What Happened To Ava Wood Syracuse? How Did He Die!

A 14-year-old girl in New York was allegedly killed by her father, who later was discovered to be dead. It was reported by authorities that the man who killed his daughter was at his home and called his wife prior to shooting himself. The case is a shivering one because the teenager was a cherished student as well as a friend and daughter, whose death came suddenly and was also tragically untimely. The incident occurred in the last week, and the murder-suicide rumor affected the entire community.

Ava Wood Syracuse Death Cause And Reason, What Happened To Ava Wood Syracuse? How Did He Die!

Ava Wood Syracuse Death Cause

The girl’s name is Ava wood, she died probably at her home and was murdered at the hands of her dad. We will be discussing in detail the story that involved Ava wood. Ava was a 14-year-old old girl who died probably after being taken to the hospital by her dad. It was discovered by authorities the fact that the girl was in a room in which she was shot and blood was everywhere around her. A gunshot was fired at her head. She was lying in a room that was separate away from her father.

The girl was just 14 years old and her father of her was 51 who was also self-inflicted and passed away also. The incident occurred in the early morning of 20 of January 2023. Jan 2023. Friday. The police discovered the father and daughter in their home, Christopher Wood, father of Ava who was also discovered dead, while wounded by self-inflicted gunshots. The police investigation started when her mother, Heather Wood apparently got panicked due to the phone call Christopher made prior to shooting himself.

It was reported in the presence of Heather the fact that Christopher telephoned Heather and stated”this will be the end of it “this is how it ends for us” and then ended the conversation. As Heather ran to his home and found it was locked, and Ava was not leaving to go to school. However, she was unable to open the door and was also in a panic. The police arrived at the scene and found Ava and Christopher dead.

The call Christopher made was on 19 20th of January 2023. following which he shot his daughter before taking his own life. Police have stated that Christopher also sent Heather threatening messages and phone calls in addition. Their marriage was legal, however, it appears that they resided in two separate homes and were not in contact with the other when the incident took place. Ava was in school when she was enrolled at Durgee Junior High School where she was in ninth grade.

Central School District issued the following statement. They spoke of the death of Ava and Christopher and also stated they will provide counseling and support services for parents and children in addition. Although this is only the second murder of a child that has was committed in NY and this is an alarming incident that needs to be addressed in the near future. Police have stated that they are conducting an investigation into the incident deeply.

They also said that they discovered two instances where Ava’s parents were involved in physical fighting and had a hand in the stalking incident also. Although police are aware that Christopher took a self-inflicted gun before the victim was his daughter, the investigation is still in process to determine the reason behind the suicide and the murder. Ava’s mom was devastated and she expressed her gratitude to her New York community for supporting her and for loving her well. On the other hand the vigil is scheduled to be held in Baldwinsville this Sunday. It will be live streamed too.



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