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Bar Goer Shot Dead Video Viral On Twitter, Youtube & Other Social Media, Watch Bar Goer Shot Dead Clip Video Online Here!

Bargoer Shoots Dead Video Viral on Social Media, Watch Bargoer Shoot Dead Clip Leaked Twitter and Reddit It’s shocking to hear about the fatal shooting at a San Pedro bar called Lugar Bar in Davao City. According to the San Pedro police, the victim was shot multiple times after a heated argument turned into a shooting.

Bar Goer Shot Dead Viral Video

We are sorry for the sudden and untimely deaths of the victim on Saturday, July 2, 2022. The San Pedro Police Department is currently investigating the cases of the perpetrators and other individuals involved in the Lugar Bar Risp. A statement has been provided by an eyewitness. The following sections provide more information. Stay Tuned With

Bar Goer Shot Dead Viral Video

Daniel Jopson, a 23-year-old man from Gulfview in Davao City, claimed that there was an incident at Camus Street Bar that resulted in the deaths of two people. Daniel Jopson stated that everyone should remember they only have one life, and that chaos is not acceptable. However, today we saw a rampage at Lugar Bar.

Who Was Bar Goar?

Daniel said that a man entered the bar after being intoxicated, without following any regulations and not noticing the prohibitions. He got into an argument with another man. He also revealed that the victim was a 21 year-old boy from Bacaca Road, Davao City, and the suspect/victim who killed him was a 31-year old man. The suspect/victim is a doctor by profession. The victim and the suspect had a heated argument that eventually turned into a shooting spree at the bar.

Witnesses claimed that this incident would have been prevented if police had been present on the scene near the bar. It happened quickly. Sources say that the suspect was drunk at the time of shooting. Sources claim that the victim, aged 21, was shot multiple times in his head by an intoxicated doctor. Although the Davao City Police were on the scene shortly after the incident, the suspect was not arrested.



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