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Berlin Aquarium Explosion Video, Massive Berlin Aquarium With 1,500 Fish Bursts In Hotel Watch Here

An enormous accident occurred at the world-renowned AquaDom located in Berlin Germany where approximately 1500 fish were released due to an abrupt explosion. There were a few exotic species of fish involved and two people were hurt by broken glass while thousands of the liters of water gushed out of the 14 m high tank. Fortunately, both are in good health after being transported to the nearest hospital and the reason for the incident is not known.

Berlin Aquarium Explosion Video, Massive Berlin Aquarium With 1,500 Fish Bursts In Hotel Watch Here

Berlin Aquarium Explosion Video

The damage control team was immediately notified and they arrived at the DomAquaree complex close to the Radisson Hotel and the tank was removed. The fire department, as well as the rescue dog, were in the area and it’s believed that it could be a merry-time for the damage. There are theories that suggest that temperatures could be at as low as 10 degrees Celsius at night, and that’s what could cause cracks in the tank. the cracks inside the tank, and the reason it burst into flames. Police began their investigation. It included more than 80 species.

The Aquarium is a huge Cylindrical House With 1,500 Exotic Fishes Explodes In Berlin Video
It was recently upgraded in 2020. It is now an extremely popular tourist attraction. It opened in 2003, and on 16th December 2020, the aquarium burst and destroyed the entire structure. It’s certainly an impressive sight and costs around 13 million euros for this kind of structure. It was designed by an American-based company called International Concept Management. There are 12 panels that surround the cylindrical. After the construction was successful of this Marvellous structure, more demand was expected.

A number of structures were constructed later in the decade. There are various colors of lights integrated into the structure and it is stunning at the night. It is also possible to check out the official website of the structure. The wizard is completely at no cost and allows you to see the live fish through yourself. It is true that the building of this Marvellous structure has attracted a large number of visitors from all over the globe. The Museum is also situated close to the structure. it is also close to the Berlin Cathedral and is not so far away.

Massive Berlin Aquarium With 1,500 Fish Bursts In Hotel

Glass is extremely fragile when it is used in buildings. Engineers must be extra careful with this component and have the specialized experience and equipment needed to position it in the proper position. Additionally, there are high costs for maintenance with these types of projects. It’s a chic location and has over 35 International eateries and shops as well as 75 luxury apartments and parking spaces. We’ll be back with updates on the area in the meantime, so stay on our website.



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