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BJP Leader Sonali Phogat Last Images And Videos Goes Viral On Social Media, What Happened To Sonali Phogat?

BJP Leader Sonali Phogat Last Images And Videos Goes Viral On Social Media, What Happened To Sonali Phogat? The internet was abuzz with the shocking news that sparked outrage across India and social media. The shocking news about an actress and Bharatiya Janata Party leader (BJP) has made headlines and caused shockwaves. India’s citizens are still shocked by this news. We are sure you are all wondering about who we are talking about. With a heavy heart, we share the sad news about Sonali Phogat, who passed away on Tuesday 23 August 2022. Continue reading to learn more about her sudden and tragic death. Multiple media reports claim that Sonali Phogat, a BJP leader and actress, died from cardiac arrest. She was buried in Goa on Tuesday. For the most recent updates, please visit Our website

Who was Sonali Phogat?

Who was Sonali Phogat?

This actress, who was once a politician, appeared on the controversial TV show “Big Boss”. She participated in the 2019 assembly election and is now standing for Haryana’s seat from Adampur. She is against Kuldeep Bishnoi, a politician. Kuldeep was previously a Congressman, but he joined BJP recently. In the 2019 film “Motherhood”, the late actress and politician is back. The late politician was not only a political figure, but she was also a well-known digital celebrity with a large fan base who supported her. She was very active on social media platforms, where she posted or gave insight into her day to her followers. She has approximately 9 lakh Instagram followers and used to post videos and photos there.

Sonali Phogat’s Last Images and Video

Phogat’s Instagram account described her as an actor and content creator, mother, and father. She posted her final picture to her social media accounts, an Instagram reel, on Monday 22 August 2022. The reel is currently trending online and her fans keep coming back to it. The reel shows her playing against the background of “Rukh Se Zara Naqab Utha Do Mere Huzoor”, a classic Hindi Song by Mohammed Rafi. The reel shows her wearing a pink Turban. It was a surprise to many that she was wearing it. This is why her reel is so popular on Instagram and other platforms.

What Happened To Sonali Phogat?

The reel currently has more than 1,000 comments. Her admirers also have left their heartfelt and emotional tributes following the sudden death of the politician. On social media, many prominent figures have paid tribute to her and shared their shock at her sudden death. The actress and model who died hours before her death uploaded a few stories to IG. We are working on updating the information regarding her final rites. We pray for her peace.



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