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Blue Face And Chrisean Family Full Fight Video Viral On Social Media, Twitter And Reddit Scandalized!

Blue face as well as Chrisean rock have been in the news following an alleged video that shows Chrisean’s dad beating Blue face and knocking Chrisean’s father to the ground was posted on the internet. The video has been popular on social media and has been gaining a lot of views. This video contains graphic content, and it also features an altercation between two men who are the most important to Chrisean’s life. Although Chrisean had previously mentioned the issue she was clear that it wasn’t her blame and that the battle took place suddenly. The couple is also making a TV show that is based on their story.

Blue Face And Chrisean Family Full Fight Video Viral On Social Media, Twitter And Reddit Scandalized!

Blue Face And Chrisean Family Full Fight Video

Blue Face as well as Chrisean rock are constantly on the news for negative reasons. The couple that was hugely famous were deeply in love and were also famous. However, in the past few months, the couple has received enormous negative attention for actions they have been doing in the public. Although it’s possible that public opinion has also been watching in the past, conflicts between the couple have been increasing. The couple was involved in an dispute in the streets around the station. They were caught on camera engaging in combat outside. They later seemed to have settled their differences however things weren’t so peaceful between the two families.

Chrisean was accused of beating and verbally abusing Blue Face’s mother and sister. Blue Face, as this was not the end of the story. Chrisean was also detained and interrogated. However, on the other side, Blue face got into a dispute with Chrisean’s father as well as her brother. They beat him up and severely mocked him. The couple had many ups and downs during their relationship, but they were both admired for the relationship they have. The clip that has gone viral features Chrisean’s dad as well as Blue Face having a brutal fight, in which the father of Chirsean is seen bleeding from his nose in the final.

The fight took place during the first few months of the year the video was recorded by a walker walking along the road. They separated the two using force. In the video, it can be evident that the two people including chrisean sitting Between Father Blueface and Father Blueface were fighting. The fight was initiated by Chrisean’s father. Blueface appeared to be lower in the first part and in the second half in the second half of the clip, he rises up and kicks Chrisean’s dad with such force that he began bleeding from his nose near when the footage ended. people were screaming and tried to break up the two. Chrisean has also posted about this incident on social media.

Chrisean during the first few months of this year and after she got into a fight, stated that her father was known to batter her mother and that there was no reason whatsoever that her father in the middle of nowhere wants to take the girl away from her boyfriend. Chrisean later deleted her tweet, but she also said of an argument between the family and the duo. But the positive news is the fact that Chrisean Rock and Blueface are currently launching their own show, Chrisean Rock and Blueface: Crazy in Love series that is scheduled to premiere in the near future and will tell their entire story. However, the show can be watched with a fee for the Zeus network and without subscriptions on Sundays on the Zeus network at 8 pm EST.



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