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Ceaser Black Ink Dog Video Went Viral On Social Media, Who Is Rapper Black Ink? Full Controversy Explored!

Ceaser Black Ink Dog Video Went Viral On Social Media, Who Is Rapper Black Ink? Full Controversy Explored! We all are aware that celebrities on social media always cause debate among the public. They are often guilty of doing actions that instantly bring them in the spotlight occasionally due to positive reasons, and others because of negative motives. However, generally negative events draw lots of attention and this time too a well-known TV personality has been in the news, but not for his work, nor due to his dispute with any other celebrity, and not due to any other scandal, but due to the abuse of animals. But, the video is old however it is becoming popular on the internet and has led to him being in the news. Keep an eye on our site for the most recent updates.

Ceaser Black Ink Dog Video

Ceaser Black Ink Dog Video

If you use Twitter you may know the video we’re talking about and with whom. Recently, the video that was uploaded by Ceaser Black Ink also popularly known as CeaserEmanuel came back on Twitter where he could be shown beating the dog. Many are slamming the actor and have left a lot of rude remarks. The controversy has created problems for his work . According to reports, he’s been dismissed from a popular and long-running reality series that airs on VH1.

Ceaser Black Ink Beating Dog Full Video

Anyone who follows him will know that he has been seen on a show called “Black Ink Crew New York” however the footage of the dog being attacked by him was enough to make the producers decide to remove him from the show. The video is very shocking to look at, yet it’s being circulated online and drawing many attention. Animal lovers have condemned the man for his cruel actions and demanded a swift action against the perpetrator. The video is a hit and many are sharing it among themselves.

Ceaser Black Ink Dog Assault Clip Twitter

The viral video by Ring cameras shows the owner of the parlor hitting the dog numerous times by using the folding chair, putting the dog inside the cage and pushing the dog down the hill. Then, after watching the video, and the backlash, and lots of criticism, the producers of the show have decided to remove the 43-year-old television host, so that this season viewers will not be able to watch the host for a new season.

Ceaser Black Ink Abuse Dog Video

The following day, VH1 released a statement published via their official social media page that reads “We have made the decision to break off all ties with Ceaser Emanuel, the leader of Black Ink Crew in New York. The production for this season’s new series is nearing the door the decision will not necessarily affect the new seasons.” Lawyer for Emanuel, Walter Mosley, is not denying the fact that the video doesn’t belonged to the client but the lawyer has informed the media outlet that the video is old as well as outdated, so there’s no need for eliminating him from the show.



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