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Chandigarh University Girls Hostel Scandal Video Goes Viral On Social Media, Who Are The Victim Girls, Name, Age & Other Details Explored!

Chandigarh University Girls Hostel Scandal Video Goes Viral On Social Media, Who Are The Victim Girls, Name, Age & Other Details Explored! Chandigarh, Punjab, according to the sources, a video featuring numerous female students at Chandigarh university was made public and posted to an adult website. The result was chaos and the students are now in anger to seek justice since many girls’ respect for their dignity is being threatened. A lot of police forces and politicians are involved in this matter and the video that was released is believed to contain private conversations of several girls from the university. Since the privacy of many girls is in danger, a lot of authorities and government officials are involved in trying to find a solution. The person leaking the video was also in police custody. being held in custody. We need to know more about what transpired. Visit our website for the most recent updates.

Chandigarh University Girls Hostel Scandal Video

Chandigarh University Girls Hostel Scandal Video

The students of Chandigarh University are demonstrating and there is a demonstration currently taking place in Chandigarh. While the news is spreading and the students are in complete discontent, the university has not given any official notice to the authorities to date. The news was reported by several sources that the management of the university is working to suppress and deny this incident. Numerous officials are involved in the investigation and reports suggest that the person who revealed videos of these girls is placed in a cell as students at their university are furious and could be tempted to blame the accusers, just as many of them have already tried to do.

Chandigarh University Girls Hostel Viral Video

According to the sources and reports from officials, a girl at the University made an audio recording of about 60 girls having bathing and uploaded the video on the internet. The girl’s private life was posted to an adult website, that was watched by a large number of students at the University as well. The information was leaking throughout the media and in the University itself. The news broke and students protested and demanded justice since their respect and dignity were at risk. After the news was put under arrest and police involved, it was revealed that the person that uploaded the clip had been making the recording for a number of months, and the footage did not belong to the girls at the University but was her own.

Chandigarh University Bathroom MMS

News was also reported that eight girls attempted to commit suicide and tried suicide. The Mohali SSP has denied the claims that the information is false and that no deaths were published, and there’s no evidence similar to that. Punjab the CM Bhagwant Mann tweeted that police are currently investigating the matter and in the near future, the case will be taken to justice. Mohali Sp further stated that the girl had recorded and uploaded videos of her but not other people. DIG Ropar Range said in an announcement that the perpetrator is in police custody and is not going to be spared. He said that family members of the girl as well as the students are also being urged to remain calm while police are investigating the matter. Minister of education Harjot Singh Bains said that the issue is extremely sensitive and will be dealt with prudently, since the respect and dignity of sisters and daughters of the state is at risk.



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