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Chidi Mokeme and Kate Henshaw Kiss Video Leaked On Internet Twitter And Reddit Scandalized!

An online video has been being circulated on the internet and everybody is talking about the video. The video shows the cute moment of two friends who are overly excited when they meet. People are discussing their bond , and they even share their excitement with one another. The video is quick to become a hit on social media sites and spread rapidly. The people who watched the video know who we’re talking about, however, those who haven’t been able to watch it are eager to know the details of the video. In the viral clip, Kate Henshaw and Chidi Mokeme show affectionate gestures towards one another.

Chidi Mokeme and Kate Henshaw Kiss Video Leaked On Internet Twitter And Reddit Scandalized!

According to Chidi Mokeme Chidi Mokeme, the actor and his close friend Kate Henshaw have been friends of more than 30 years before even gaining their first steps into Nollywood. They are both models and have a deep understanding of each other , which is the reason why their reunion is unique and also in their hearts. Chidi Mokeme recently came back to the United States because of his latest project “Shanty Town”. The show was recently made available on Netflix and viewers really enjoy watching it.

Chidi Mokeme and Kate Henshaw Kiss Video

The reports have it that Mokeme is working again alongside Kate as a cast member in a different project. The video was posted by Mokeme and is popular in social media. In this adorable video actors and their friend are reunited like little munchkins, and their joy is evident the expressions on their faces. They are both running into the arms of one the other, screaming to express their joy and joy. The actor took Kate and rubbed him around the waist. After she appeared to put her feet down they quickly shared kisses.

They both forget that their moment is captured in the video and , upon realizing that it is recorded the Nollywood begins to gush about their respective partners as they reveal that it’s been lengthy time since they were physically meeting. The people are both excited and thrilled to witness this touching gesture from two best friends and how effortlessly they have been able to meet. Mokeme has also added a caption for the video, in which Mokeme expresses his gratitude to work with his friend and saying that their characters will definitely delight their admirers. Both are currently working on a movie titled “RUTHLESS”.

At present, we don’t know much about the film, however reports suggest that the film or series also features Zubby Michael. The film has been directed by Vincentokonkwo and the director is Dimejiajibola. For further updates, stay on our radar and we’ll update you shortly.



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