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Choodiwala Part 1 All Episodes Online On Ullu App Release Date, Cast, Story, Actress Name And Time Revealed!

Choodiwala Part 1 All Episodes Online On Ullu App Release Date, Cast, Story, Actress Name And Time Revealed! The Choodiwala episode 1 of the Ullu App series, was available online on July 5, 2022. Below is information about the Choodiwala Part 1, including the release date, name of the actress, and streaming information. For More Updates Stay Tuned With

Choodiwala Part 1 All Episodes

Choodiwala Part 1 All Episodes

Ullu is India’s best OTT app. It offers a variety of content from all genres. Choodiwala Part 1 features a social drama set in rural India. Ullu once again proved that they have the most entertaining stories to entertain the masses.

There were previously a number of web series published by them in various genres including Julie seasons 1 & 2, Love Next Door and Charmsukh Series. They also published Palang Tod Series and Prabha Ki Diary Series. Lovely Massage Parlor was another. Choodiwala Part 1 is another series. It features Aliya Naaz (star) and Ankita Bhattacharya (star).

Choodiwala Part 1 Web Series Cast

Bhuri as played by Pallavi Devanath

As Lala, Akshay Milind

Murari starring Kishor Yelne

As Triloki, Vinod Singh

As Sangeeta Aliya Naaz

Ankita Bhatacharya, Kajri

Choodiwala Part 1 Plot & Release Date

The web series featured three main characters: Aliya Naaz (Pallavi Debnath), Ankita Bhatacharya (Ankita Bhatacharya), and Pallavi Debash (Pallavi Debnath). Pallavi Debnath is the lead female role, while Aliya Naaz portrays the roles of country women who are trying to satisfy their physical cravings. The web series will be split into two parts so viewers will get a lot of content in the next installment.

The synopsis states that Murari is not your average Choodiwala, who travels from village to village selling bangles. Instead, he gives his customers bodily pleasure.” The dazzling sheen of the bangles attracts Sangeeta and Kajri to Bhuri who are physically attracted to the attractive Choodiwala.

Choodiwala Part 1 Online Episodes

Subscribers can now access the web series via the Ullu app or website starting at midnight on July 5, 2022.

Original production was in Hindi. This show appeals to North Indian viewers who love to watch gripping thriller web series with funny plotlines. Ullu app subscribers can view and download the online series for free. It is one of the most loved online series and features incredible performances by Aliya Naaz (Pallavi Debnath) and Ankita Bhattacharya.

The teaser was well received by viewers as everyone enjoyed Aliya Naaz and Pallavi Debnath together in the web series. It will be interesting to see how the Ullu app performs with this Choodiwala Part 1 Online Series. This article was about the web series Choodiwala Part 1 You can watch the entire series online. What do you think about the Ullu series? Leave a comment with your thoughts.



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