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Citroën Ami Driver Rolls Over at Monaco’s Famous Hairpin

This is to inform that the Grand Hotel hairpin, which is the slowest of the Monaco Grand Prix, was the scene of an accident. Since hearing about the accident, netizens have been searching for the Monaco Citroen Ami video. This news is sweeping the internet and becoming a huge hit on social media platforms like Twitter. Because of this, netizens log in to Twitter and search for Accident Monaco Citroen Ami videos. You won’t need to search anymore if you’re reading this article. We have provided a detailed explanation and a description of what happened at Grand Hotel’s hairpin.

Citroën Ami Driver Rolls Over at Monaco's Famous Hairpin

Citroën Ami Driver Rolls

Before we get into the Monaco Citroen Ami accident, let’s discuss Citroen Ami. It is a low-slung, city car that was praised for its polarizing design. Citroen Ami measures just 7.9 feet in length, 5.9 feet high, and 6.4 ft wide. Citroen ami is a cube-like design that is very similar to the ground. It has a clearance of just 5.1 inches. This does not change the popularity of Monaco Grand Prix’s corner.

The Fairmont or Loews Grand hairpin is also known. Video of blue Citroen Ami attempting to tackle the Grand Hotel hairpin is viral online. Although the first climb was uphill, Ami made it through without any problems. However, Ami could be heard squeaking at the end of Ami’s 180-degree right-hand curve. Unfortunately, the car’s return drive went wrong. The car flipped over at the summit because the Ami was too fast as it approached the downhill corner.

It is not clear if the driver sustained any injuries. It is unclear if the driver was able to drive safely or if he suffered severe injuries from the accident. The Ami appears helpless and lying on its back in the video. It happened at a relatively slow speed so there is a good chance the driver will be okay.



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