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Collier Gwin Video Leaked Online, Collier Gwin Video Showing Spilling Water On Homeless Woman!

There are a lot of viral videos popular on the internet, one video that has been making the news is one that was taken in San Francisco where an old man was seen spraying water over homeless woman, and the woman was shocked. The shocking incident was posted on the internet by a shopkeeper who was right next to the shop where the man was.

Collier Gwin Video Leaked Online, Collier Gwin Video Showing Spilling Water On Homeless Woman!

Collier Gwin Video

The video gained a lot of attention on social media within a matter of minutes and, while it was going on, the video became extremely popular on TikTok as well as different social networks too. This video is receiving negative comments about a man of old age who sprayed water over a homeless lady. Let’s find out more about the man. Collier Gwin is the name of the man who was often seen spraying water at the homeless woman. He was standing in the street as he performed the unnatural act.

The video was then posted via the TikTok account of the other shop, it was shared on the Twitter account of the shop’s owner, where people were critical of the man who was spraying water in an unprofessional manner. As the elderly were being demanded because the people were angry at his conduct. The woman was actually seated in the store of an old gentleman collier, who was trying to convince his homeless customer to get away. The man first sprays the water before asking the woman to go away.

Collier runs an art gallery located in San Francisco while he was photographed leaning on the shop’s railing and washing the water onto the lady. The homeless woman was screaming and begging for help to stop. Finally, Collier stops hosing the water on the woman and requests her to leave in the act of. The video was uploaded to TikTok by an account called San Francisco Bakery Briche SF and was uploaded on Monday, 9 of the day of January 2023.

Later, it was posted on Twitter and Twitter. Collier’s actions were unjust certain, and it has made many people bethink about the cruelty of the shop owner. After locating the address of the shop and contacting the old manor collier about his conduct and actions, it was revealed through the local press that he confessed to his actions in the direction of one of the women who were homeless. Collier initially denied doing this, but then admitted to his actions, and admitted that he was not right. He also admitted to his excuses and claimed that he was planning to report to the police, but they were not quick to respond.

Collier adds that should he report homeless people, officers will arrest them and the homeless people are confined for 2 days behind bars and two days in a shelter for the homeless and then they’ll be back to their daily grind. Collier’s actions Collier was defended with the claim that when the homeless people came back, he took matters into his own hands and attempted to intimidate women. Concerning the woman, it’s not known where she is currently however Collier was warned against doing such things.

As the video caused havoc on the internet, there were plenty of negative comments, and some criticized collier for being cruel. One Twitter user wrote I’d like to find the email address for the man who needs to be taught as another said that Collier should be prosecuted for committing such a crime in public.



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