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Cook With Comali Season 3 Winner Name Revealed, Runner Up, Prize Money & Other Details Explored!

Cook With Comali Season 3 Winner Name Revealed, Runner Up, Prize Money & Other Details Explored! Star Vijay’s reality series “Cook With Comali Season 3” has reached its final episode. Fans are eager to find out who wins the show. Although they are sad that their beloved show will be ending in the next week, the show is still ready to entertain the viewers with another hilarious riot. The show’s popularity is evident from the fact that it currently dominates all other shows and has been named number one. 1 show. Let’s find out what today’s show has in store for our amusement. Today’s episode’s teaser is out. It’s clear that viewers will enjoy it. For the most recent updates, please visit Our website Statehooddc.com.

Cook With Comali 3 Winner Name 2022

Cook With Comali 3 Winner Name 2022

The show will also have entertainment as it will be hosting its fifth finalist today, who will compete to win the title. The audience is familiar with the concept. It is a cum-based comedy show that features cooking and the Comalis, a cook. CWC’s latest teaser begins with the stunning entry of wildcard contestants, who are eager to be in the finalist seat. Rakshan welcomes Muthukumar and Santhosh Prathap to the new round. All three are eager to make delicious food and win over the judges.

Cook With Comali 3 Grand Prize Money

Based on a hilarious task, the pairing of cook and comali was made. It is a very popular choice. New teaser for the cooking-based series shows that both the contestants and the audience are pleased to see Chef Venkatesh after his health issues. According to the details, he took a break because of his health problems but is now back. According to the sources, Sivaangi will become the partner in Chutti Aravind’s round. Manimegalai will become the partner in Rahul Thatha. Roshni will become the partner in Kureshi.

Who Will Win Cook With Comali 3

Bala and Darshan will also be cooking for the audience. This act is enjoyed by everyone. However, they are excited to see who will win the wildcard entry for this round. Fans are eager for the Grand finale, and they share their opinions on social media. Let’s find out who wins this round and register his name for the last race. Get in touch with us to find out more.



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