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Deepak Aka Pauline Jessica Cause Of Death, Is Tamil Actress Deepa Found Dead In Her Flat, What Happened To Her? Reason Explored!

Deepak Aka Pauline Jessica Cause Of Death, Is Tamil Actress Deepa Found Dead In Her Flat, What Happened To Her? Reason Explored! Tamil actress Pauline Jessica also known as Divya has died in recent days and police have discovered that the actress committed suicide. The actress was discovered dead and hanged in her home while police were rushing to her home. Jessica was found dead and hanging from her home while she was found and it turned out that police found suicide notes inside the apartment as well. Jessica was also famous for her nickname Deepa which was a popular name in regional cinema. Jessica was only 29 years old older at the time of her suicide. Let us know more about the suicide death that befell Tamil actor Pauline Jessica. Visit our web page for the most recent information.

Deepa aka Pauline Jessica Cause Of Death

Deepa aka Pauline Jessica Cause Of Death

Jessica is from an area located in Andhra Pradesh and she came to the Tamil industry to work. She was an actress in various soaps on a daily basis before she then began working as an actor in different Tamil films in brief roles. Police have confirmed that they discovered the dead bodies of Jessica hanging in her residence located situated in Virugambakkam Mallika Avenue, located situated in Chennai. Additionally, Jessica was seen in an appearance in Vaaith as well as earlier, she appeared in a variety of different roles. Jessica’s crew walked into her home in response to their calls. The neighbors made contact with the police after they learned of Jessica having died. Jessica was later taken into the hospital to undergo an autopsy. They also wanted to find out if she has any bruises of any kind or other evidence of the murder of her corpse.

Is Deepa aka Pauline Jessica Doing Suicide Or Not

The police are looking into the matter to determine if there’s any form of harm, or if anyone forced her to commit suicide. Police have also searched for CCTV footage to discover if someone visited Jessica’s residence prior to her suicide. Jessica was the person who entered her home on the time of 17 17th in September 2022. it was the last time she was seen alive. She later committed suicide on the same day and left a suicide note also. Police have questioned whether anyone was present before she took her own life, but there was no sign of anyone on footage from CCTV footage. She was born in Ap but was able to move from Ap to Tamil Nadu for her career.

Who Was Deepa aka Pauline Jessica? Suicide & Obituary

Police have confirmed that following an autopsy, Jessica will be taken back to her residence in AP from where her last ceremonies will take place. Additionally, the suicide note found near her body clearly states that she was the one who decided to take her own life because she was not successful in the realm of relationship. Police have stated that her issues with relationships and the failures led her to commit suicide. However, police are still looking into the incident and declaring that the cause of her death was her broken relationships with Jessica. Jessica also appeared in a hit film named Thupparivalam.



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