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Dejo Tunfulu Cause Of Death, How Did Dejo Die What Happened To Dejo Tunfulu Explained!

Dejo Tunfulu Cause Of Death, How Did Dejo Die What Happened To Dejo Tunfulu Explained! The news of the death of the renowned Nollywood celebrity Dejo Tunfulu has been confirmed by various sources. He was a prominent member of the film industry of Nigeria. He has played an essential part in the development of Nollywood. He has reportedly passed away on Thursday, 31st March 2022. This news has created discontent among his fans all across Nigeria and some other neighboring countries. This news has been shared by netizens all across the internet.

Dejo Tunfulu Cause Of Death

Dejo Tunfulu Cause Of Death

The news of his passing away is roaming on the internet like a wildfire among the fans and followers of Dejo Tunfulu. His real name was Kunle Makinde Adetokunbo; even though, he was popularly known as Dejo Tunfulu by his fans. People are wondering to know the phenomenon of his passing away. There is a series of posts on the internet that are claiming the death of Dejo Tunfulu.

A number of netizens are sending condolence messages to the family and friends of Dejo Tunfulu. It is being said that he was not only a person with a creative mind and dedication but also a generous human being who had helped numerous people in their lives with all the possible means. In this article, we are set to discuss Dejo Tunfulu as well as the news of his demise so that we may bring all the readers in the swim about this news in brief.

How Did Dejo Die

He was a veteran member of the Nigerian film industry. He nad been serving the audience of Nollywood for decades. Although he is well known as Dejo Tunfulu yet his real name is Kunle Makinde Adetokunbo. He was a Yoruba comic actor, writer, and producer, He was a native of Abeokuta in Ogun State, Nigeria. Although he was born in Lagos State which is a part of Idumota in Lagos Island. He was born on 31st May 1972. He was a visionary as he initiated from the bottom in the film industry “Nollywood” and reached the sky on the basis of his vision, determination, and hard work. He has died on 31st March 2022.

The news of the death of Dejo Tunfulu has passed away and his fans are looking forward to knowing the reason for his passing away. From the side of the family of Dejo Tunfulu, the exact cause of his demise has not been ex[pressed but it has been stated that Dejo Tunfulu was ill



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