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Did Jared Leto cut off his hand? Hoax Making Fans Fools Explained!

Did Jared Leto cut off his hand? Hoax Making Fans Fools Explained! A piece of the news is circulating and revolving on all the internet with higher speed where Jared Leto, who is an American actor and musician and is known for his method acting, but a bizarre online hoax recently claimed that he hacked off his hand in order to be cast in a specific role. The news grasped and collected all the headlines on their side and everyone is talking about this and eager to collect and grasp all the information of the news which is ruling on the internet. The 30 Seconds to Mars frontman did not literally sever his own body, he is regarded as a daring method actor who has performed some extreme stunts in preparation for prior film roles. Be with our page and blog to collect and grasp all the details and information about the news.

Did Jared Leto cut off his hand? Hoax Making Fans Fools Explained!

On the 7th of April 2022, an item headlined “Jared Leto lops off-hand hoping to be cast as Revolver Ocelot in future Metal Gear film” was published on the Hard Drive news site by Mark Roebuck and as per the fake comments and statement, Leto’s newest extreme devotion to his acting career has seen him willingly sever his own hand in an effort to get himself cast as Revolver Ocelot in the upcoming Metal Gear Solid movie. The news is posted by @harddrivenews who used a modified photograph of Jared Leto with a bandaged hand to disseminate the news report on Instagram.

After this news, many fans are in disbelief in the article’s comment section, the story did appear to fool a few people and one of the user named boysetsfire1988 confirmed that this is satire in a Reddit thread about the Hard Drive report. Leto’s employment of rigorous method acting techniques is not uncommon, and his performance preparation has been criticised in the past. As per the statement of the popular channel, he previously sent controversial ‘gifts’ to his fellow Suicide Squad cast members, including anal beads, Playboy magazines, and even a dead rat, in order to better comprehend the Joker’s psyche. Suzuki V-Strom SX ADV Price 

At the time of his tenure as Dr. Morbius in the year 2022 action and adventure flick, Jared Leto appears to have taken things to a whole new level and the 50-year-old actor portrays a biochemist who becomes infected with an ancient kind of vampirism, and director Daniel Espinosa confirmed to Uproxx that Leto would even stay in character between takes. However, the newest rumor about Leto’s hand is humorous, many fans think that if it were true, it may be plausible. Stay tuned with us.



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