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Don Tidey Dead Or Alive? Don Tidey Wife, Family & Children

Don Tidey Dead Or Alive? Don Tidey Wife, Family & Children: We recently heard the sad news that Don Tidey, the father of Saskia, has died. His death was announced a few days ago. His death announcement has been a big deal on social media. Don’s death announcement brought his daughter into the spotlight. Individuals are now looking for information about Don Tidey’s relatives. We will tell you about a terrible tragedy Don Tidey suffered years ago. In the next section, you’ll find information about Don Tidey’s age at the time of he died. Keep reading the post to the end and look through all sections.

Don Tidey Dead Or Alive? Don Tidey Wife, Family & Children

Don Tidey Dead Or Alive?

Sources say that Don Tidey died at the age of just 86. His wife Barbara and his daughter Saskia survived him. We don’t know the reason for Don’s death at this time. We will continue to add to this section as new information becomes available. Let’s look at an incident Don experienced many years ago. Please take a look at this paragraph to learn more.

What Happened to Don Tidey?

Don was once attacked and kidnapped in 1983. He was held captive by the kidnappers for up to 23 days. He managed to escape from that captivity. He was on his way to drop his children at school when he was stopped abruptly at a checkpoint. A gunman attacked his head and he was also stopped at a checkpoint. Don’s children were present when Don was attacked by the kidnapper, but the gunman then tossed them out of the car. According to accounts, the kidnapper was a Leitrim-based member of an IRA-armed cell.

Don Tidey Wife, Family & Children

He was rescued by Gardai and the Wehrmacht, but he was eventually reduced to a coma by Pte Patrick and Garda Sheehan. Don Tidey was freed from the grasp of his kidnapper and reunited with his family. Don Tidey’s previous wife, who was diagnosed with leukemia in 1981, died following the incident. He was then married to Barbara Dunn, his second wife. After ten years of marriage, they were blessed with a daughter named Saskia, who went on to become an Olympic-level athlete. Saskia represented England last year, while she represented Ireland in her first Olympic games. For more information, stay tuned to this site.



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