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Gabriel Kuhn Video Goes Viral On Twitter, Reddit And Social Media, Who Is Daniel Petry? Scandal Explored!

Gabriel Kuhn Video Goes Viral On Twitter, Reddit And Social Media, Who Is Daniel Petry? Scandal Explored! The shocking murder case that is unfolding at the moment is has sparked the attention of the online community and they are now searching to find Daniel Petry who is linked to Gabriel Kuhn. Petry’s name made the spotlight following the discovery that he was involved in a murder case. It’s heartbreaking and tragic to witness a 16-year-old child assault a 12-year-old. The age difference between the perpetrator and the victim has increased the curiosity of people, and that’s the reason why they’re eager to learn about this particular murder investigation and the exact circumstances that transpired to the child. Before discussing this incident, first, be aware of the killer. Keep an eye on our web page for the latest news.

Daniel Petry Viral Video

Daniel Petry Viral Video

First, we want to inform readers that this is not new. It’s an old one however, it was recently searched by users after pictures and videos of the crime scene as well as the victim appeared on the internet. Daniel was a boy who was from Brazil who was born 1991. He was a resident of Blumenau, Santa Catarina which is located in Brazil. He became famous when the murder of an 11-year-old girl named Gabriel Kuhn. He was the victim’s neighbor and the perpetrator killed her on the 22nd July 2007. The report states that the 16-year-old teenager was suffering with psychiatric issues as he grew her children. Thankfully, his family was supportive and offered the teen psychiatric treatment.

Gabriel Kuhn Leaked Photos

However, he was inconsiderate regarding his treatment, he only have a couple of sessions, he was absent from others. The accused enjoyed playing online games, watching TV, and surfing the Internet. He was known to skip classes as well as his sessions to enjoy video games along with friends. In the course of an internet-based game, his victim was able to meet him and they became friends since they both are avid gamers of online games. The offender and victim became friends after they met at various times. Then, one day Gabriel requested Daniel to pay him $1.75 to Tibia which is an internet-based virtual currency. However, he was not capable of giving the money at the time. On July 23, 2007, Daniel approached their door of Kuhns. Gabriel refused to open the door however, the infamous kid told him that he was here to apologize to him.

Who Is Gabriel Kuhn?

Gabriel allowed him to enter in, however when Daniel arrived, he immediately shut the gate. Daniel brutally assaulted him sometime before deciding to take him to the ground. After sexually and physically assaulting him, he threw the power cables around his neck, killing him. The body was now massive and he was capable of carrying it, so he cut off the legs to lessen the weight. The police seized the lead and took him into custody. During interrogation, he admitted to the charges. The post-mortem for Gabriel Kuhn disclosed that he was repeatedly s**domed. The murderer was sentenced to three years and was sent to Juvenile Delinquency center.



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