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How Did Two Russian Oligarchs Found Dead Details Explained!

How Did Two Russian Oligarchs Found Dead Details Explained! Social media has been mourning the deaths of two Russian Oligarchs. Two Russian Oligarchs connected to the gas giants appear to have murdered their wives and daughters before assassinating each other within two days. The alarm was raised to rescue the child who survived the assassination of the victims in both cases. Vladislav Avayev (ex-Kremlin official, Gazprombank Vice President), was 51 years old when he was found dead in his Moscow luxury flat with his wife and his 13-year-old girl. He had probably shot them before turning the gun on him.

How Did Two Russian Oligarchs Found Dead Details Explained!

Anastasia, Anastasia’s 26-year-old daughter discovered the bodies after she couldn’t get in touch with her family. Ex-Novatek deputy chair Sergey Protosenya, 55-years old, his wife Natalya 53 years-old, and their 18-year-old daughter Maria were found dead at their Spanish home. It appeared that the women had been stabbed before Protosenya committed suicide in their garden. After he couldn’t reach his parents in Lloret de Mar, the teenager son of the couple raised the alarm.

How Did Two Russian Oligarchs Found Dead

Investigators from Spain are now trying to determine whether the Protosenya deaths were caused by a domestic murder-suicide or an organized hit. According to the Spanish website El Punt Avui, the estimated fortune for Protosenya is $440 million. According to reports, he was an engineer and economist who also held senior financial positions at major gas companies. Novatek’s archived page about a gas giant, which dates back to March 2015, was viewed by the news outlet. It names Sergey Protosenya the deputy chairman after a restructuring of the management board. Get the Latest Updates On Our Website Statehooddc

The page that informs the current members of the firm’s board does not list him. El Punt Avui has not confirmed reports that inconsistencies were found at Protosenya’s home. The news site claims that the two women were stabbed while they slept, leaving behind a pool of blood. According to the report, there were no bloodstains found on Protosenya. Despite the apparent murder-suicides, the deaths of 2 gas oligarchs and their families within two days of each other are likely to raise questions. Spanish detectives will examine the evidence to determine if the incidents were tragic events that sparked domestic violence or if they were staged.



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