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Jamie Kah and Craig Williams Dead Or Alive? Watch Jamie Kah and Craig Williams Accident Video!

It is not uncommon to hear about an accident while performing on the track. Fans can become concerned for their players when the situation becomes more serious. Many players are seriously injured, especially in the horse-riding, bike, and car racing games. It is important to take all precautions and perform only under supervision when playing the game. Even though they take every precaution and risk their careers, injuries do happen. You may be wondering why we are discussing it. It is because 2 of the best jockeys in Australia were injured during the tournament, and ended up in serious condition.

Jamie Kah and Craig Williams Dead Or Alive? Watch Jamie Kah and Craig Williams Accident Video!

Jamie Kah and Craig Williams Dead

This terrible incident occurred on Saturday 11 March 2023. Jamie Kah and Craig Williams were the jockeys involved. Both are currently admitted to the hospital. According to reports, Jamie Kah was immediately admitted to Royal Melbourne Hospital after being knocked unconscious. The Victorian Jockey’s Association announced that Kah’s condition was stable late Saturday night, March 11th. Further, the Association stated that Kah had been freed from any brain injuries or fractures, but was still severely convulsive after experiencing a coma following her terrible fall.

Kah was “speared into the turf” after Flyball, her horse, stepped on the heels of Veight (the final winner in the Group 2 Sires’ Produce Stakes). Williams suffers a broken collarbone and broken fingers, as well as a mild traumatic brain injury after Dubenenko, his horse, fell on Kah. Racing Victoria stated that Williams has been able to talk to his family. Further reports stated that the horses were allowed to race after the horrific incident, despite only minor injuries.

In the morning, the horses will be checked by the vets. Matt Hyland, boss of the Victorian Jockey’s Association said that Kah’s fall was “quite serious”. According to Hyland, “Both jockeys suffered a head knock. Jamie especially.” Although she was briefly unconscious, she is now conscious. It comes up even though everything else seems fine.” There was a 40-minute delay after the fall as the medical team treated the injured riders. Ben Melham, the partner of Kah, and Ben Melham voted for the next winner before he met her at the hospital.



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