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@jimmy_jonesx3 comments on murders of louisa Video Explained!

We are here to tell you about a man who is making headlines and is attracting lots of attention recently on social media platforms and you may be wondering about us and what we are talking about, so ensure you are reading this post as we will inform you who is @jimmy_jonesx3. He is the one who has been making comments on the murders

@jimmy_jonesx3 comments on murders of louisa Video Explained!

@jimmy_jonesx3 comments

If you’re not familiar with the whole situation and the specifics of the murder , we want to inform you that this specific event occurred in December 12, 2018, the time of LouisaVesterger, Jespersen 24, who is from Denmark and Maren Ueland 28, who hails from Norway So, they were all murdered as they went to camp and their campsite was located near Morocaron Village, which is known as a wonderful and tranquil spot for hikers of all kinds.

After examining the entire matter, it was found that there were 4 individuals that were charged in this particular instance of Murder in relation to the Islamic state. The video, which has gone all over the internet. We also witness the murder of two persons who were being charged as being the ones who supervised the women as well as the third individual whose identity was Rashid alfati has been admitted for creating and posting the videos on the internet.

It is possible to learn about the 4th individual, i.e. the person who is saying he was a part of the group prior to the murders, and has now been sentenced to life it was a horrifying incident for all of us. All it was the fault of the people being punished for counter-terrorism court that was located at Sal, Rabat. The sentence they were handed was that one of them declared that may Allah be with us the grace to forgive us

Another said that there is no god, There but Allah. In the context of the court, they’ve ordered them to make DH 2 million, which is believed to be a an amount of compensation to the family that has suffered a lot since they lost a beloved loved ones. We are sending our sincere condolences to all the family members as they’ve gone through a lot . We wish them a happy memories will be there to comfort them.



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