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Johnny Depp Loses $22.5 Million on ‘Pirates Six’ Deal after Amber Heard’s Op Ed, His Agent Says

Johnny Depp Loses $22.5 Million on ‘Pirates Six’ Deal after Amber Heard’s Op Ed, His Agent Says: Johnny Depp’s agent claimed that Johnny was on track to make tens of millions for yet another sequel of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean. Before Amber Heard wrote her opinion piece.Johnny Depp Loses $22.5 Million on 'Pirates Six' Deal after Amber Heard's Op Ed, His Agent Says

Johnny Depp was expected to make more than $22 million from Pirates of the Caribbean 6. His agent, Jack Whigham, testified in court Monday, May 2nd. Jack Whigham, who began at Creative Artists Agency, represented the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory star and stated that the opinion piece by Amber Heard published in the Washington Post in December 2018 was “catastrophic for Johnny.” Variety reports. Jack said during his testimony that it was difficult to get Johnny a studio film after the op-ed. The hearing is currently taking place in Fairfax, Virginia.Johnny Depp Loses $22.5 Million on 'Pirates Six' Deal after Amber Heard's Op Ed, His Agent Says

Johnny Depp Loses $22.5 Million

According to the agent, Johnny had planned to continue the hugely successful franchise. However, Disney suddenly changed direction after Amber’s article on domestic violence was published. Amber’s attorney Elaine Bredehoft disputed the testimony. She claimed that Johnny never had a 22.5million contract in writing. This was in reference to earlier testimony that suggested that Disney would not cast Johnny for the film in 2018.

Jack responded that, while Disney may have hesitated to speak out, mega-producer Jerry Bruckheimer was voting for the 21 Jump Street alum. Whigham admitted that it was trending poorly in the late autumn on behalf of Disney. But Jerry Bruckheimer, Jerry Bruckheimer, and I were lobbying for it to happen. So we had hope. It was clear to me that it was over in 2019 when I read the comments.

Johnny, aged 58, issued Amber for $50 million. He claims that Amber’s opinion piece damaged his career. Amber counter-sued him for $100 million. She claimed that the Ed Wood actor had engaged in harassment and abuse. In her countersuit, Amber claimed that Mr. Depp and/or his agents had orchestrated a false and misleading smear campaign.

The trial began on April 11th and revealed some shocking personal details about the actors. They were married for 15 months between 2015 to 2017. The trial, which began on April 11, has revealed other details about Johnny and Amber, who were married for 15 months between 2015 and 2017.

On April.15, the court heard disturbing text messages Johnny allegedly sent Amber. 13. The texts were sent to Isaac Baruch by Johnny. He called Amber “c–t” in the text and said that he hoped that her “rotting body was decomposing in a Honda Civic’s f-king trunk.” Baruch dismissed the texts as innocuous. However, others sent Paul Bettany to contain similar graphic content. I’m not convinced we should burn Amber. She is a delightful companion and a pleasure to the eyes. Of course, we could follow the English route and do a drowning test. Thoughts? Johnny sent Paul a text back in 2013 saying, “You have a swimming pool.” Johnny replied by texting “Let’s drown her before she burns.”

Johnny had previously filed a libel lawsuit against The Sun in 2020. He sued them for calling him a “wife-beater” but the case was dismissed. Johnny resigned from Fantastic Beasts at Warner Bros’ request. Justice Andrew Nicol ruled on Nov. 2, 2020, that both the newspaper and its publisher had “proved that what they published… is substantially true.” I found that most of the alleged assaults on Ms. Heard from Mr. Depp were proved to be civil.



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