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Joshua Connell Cause Of Death, Who was Joshua James Connell, What Happened To Him? Reason & Other Details Explored!

Joshua James Connell (19) was captured on camera walking along a wall near a hotel swimming pool in Phuket, Thailand on Wednesday afternoon. According to The Sun, the Australian traveler was captured on camera lifting his hands in the air while tiptoeing over narrow white railings. As he lost balance at the railing’s ends, he slipped and fell approximately 50 feet to his death. For More Updates Stay Tuned With

Australian Tourist Died

Nearby residents were shocked to see Connell under the cafe’s tin roof at 5:45 PM local time. Connell was taken immediately to the hospital. Connell fell but was quickly declared dead due to the serious injuries sustained.

Joshua James Connell Cause Of Death

“I was just about to open my storefront when I heard a loud thunderclap. It was either a car accident, or an explosion in the kitchen. People crowded the restaurant when they saw the foreigner on the roof. Someone dialled 911 to alert authorities that he was not conscious. “Everyone was shocked when he collapsed, and died,” Ning Tanyaporn (a local) said.

Joshua James Connell: Biography & Age

Police Lieutenant Colonel Kokiat was dispatched to investigate the call regarding a man from abroad who fell from a hotel. The dead fell from the hotel near the restaurant wearing nothing but shorts and no shirt. The roof of the restaurant hut was damaged and the floor was covered with broken tiles.” He stated that “the dead man had cuts on both his head and legs and was thrown from the hotel next to it.”

According to the coroner, while they don’t believe that anyone was responsible for the death, they reviewed CCTV footage and are now questioning hotel staff about Connell before the incident to find out why he scaled the wall. They also examined the CCTV footage. Connell’s family has been in touch with the Australian Embassy. According to sources, the body is currently being autopsied at a Patong hospital.



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