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Kabaddi’s Under 17- Girls Team Served Food Kept In Toilet In Saharanpur Stadium Video Goes Viral On Social Media!

Kabaddi’s Under 17- Girls Team Served Food Kept In Toilet In Saharanpur Stadium Video Goes Viral On Social Media! A shocking and disturbing video has been released where the players were severely treated and it’s difficult for anyone to comprehend it. It was never thought of that this type of treatment could happen to athletes who constantly try to represent their country at an international level. So, without wasting time on the subject let’s just get to the main point. Recently the internet has seen a video that is now going viral highlighting the disrespect and mistreatment of food. According to reports, and as seen in the video food that was left on the floor of the toilets was served to the players during times during the Kabaddi tournament. Now, the video has gone viral and caused quite a stir on social media, and people are angry. Visit our site to get the latest news.

Kabaddi Under 17- Girls Team

Kabaddi’s Under 17 Girls Team Served Food Kept In Toilet

According to the most recent information, Kabaddi participants were offered stale rice and pooris, which were sat on the toilet floor of the stadium at times during the 3-day U-17 girls’ national championship. The stadium is situated within the Saharanpur district in Uttar Pradesh, India. The incident was reported to have occurred in the bathroom area of the stadium where the sport event was taking place. The entire incident was captured on film and shared on Twitter videos of rice being removed using tools and then the person placed it on the floor in the washroom as well as the cooked chapati placed on the piece of paper and then laid on the floor of the toilet.

Food Kept On Toilet Floor Served To Players During Kabaddi Tournament Video

According to the report, the sports officer of Saharanpur was identified as Animesh Saxena who denied the accusations and even termed the allegations “baseless”. He said that the food that is served at the stadium is high-quality and of the highest quality. But, there’s an issue with the space inside the stadium. This is due to the fact that the cook had cooking the meals near the pool of the stadium. The allegations are all false that the meal was not kept there due to the rain outside, so we set up the food arrangements close to the pool area. The food that was prepared was stored in the dressing area which is located next to the pool. The food was kept there due to the fact that some construction was underway and due to that we couldn’t find an alternative place to store it because of the rain.

It was the government in Uttar Pradesh after watching the turmoil and protests was forced to suspend Saxena. A letter was made public through the Sports Directorate after watching the controversy. The suspension was declared , and it was stated this decision had been made because the Sports Officer from Saharanpur was not able to provide to provide an explanation for the entire incident.



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