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Kalicia Powell Bottle Video Viral, What Happened To Kalicia Powell Some Thugs Smashed Her Head!

Another day, and another story of shocking proportions are available. The shocking images were released recently on the Internet concerning a child who was the victim of violence and sledging during a night out. The gang members smashed bottles over her head and the photos are quite shocking. The victim was identified as a teenage Kalicia Powell is fighting for her life after she had a drink at the time of Boxing Day nearest Castleford, West Yorkshire. Everything was perfect.

Kalicia Powell Bottle Video Viral, What Happened To Kalicia Powell Some Thugs Smashed Her Head!

Kalicia Powell Bottle Video

They were having a great time when suddenly, summer’s troubles struck. A young person aged 18 was spotted in the bar while doing a dance. it was matched to the overhead bottle. she was taken straight to the nearest hospital and the doctors began operating. The student at college is free of danger and was required to wear adhesive strips on her face as part of healing. The complaint was made and the police are investigating and looking for suspects via CCTV.

She also mentioned that she thought they looked normal, and she believed that he would make a statement as she turned her head. Then he hit a bottle, and she fell unconscious for 20 minutes. She had no clue what was happening. It was that there was some sort of disagreement or that they were drinking like the hell. The woman was bleeding heavily and her family members needed to get help immediately. Hit her forehead, and she was blinded by an eye that was black. She was unable to recall what it felt.

Teenagers are in a state of anger and 80 percent of them are headed to the wrong place due to their lack of discipline and belief in the gradual and slow process of getting to the top. They have no idea of the consequences their actions may bring and are only able to regret when the act has been completed. In the excitement of the moment it is imperative to use our patience and the ability of our brains to handle these situations because once we’ve taken an action, there’s no turning back.

she was thinking it wouldn’t be a problem, but when she looked in the mirror following the procedure it was terrible. This was a disgusting act and the criminals should be punished. There were five stitches across her forehead. She was a very stunning and beautiful face. She was a popular party girl who regularly made an appearance at local galas.



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