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Karen Poniachik Cause Of Death, What Happened To Karen Poniachik? How Did She Die? Reason, Funeral And Obituary!

Karen Poniachik Cause Of Death, What Happened To Karen Poniachik? How Did She Die? Reason, Funeral And Obituary! Former mining journalist and minister in Chile, Karen Poniachik has passed away in recent days and the internet, along with many others has posted their condolences to her family members and offered prayers for her family as well. According to numerous reports, Karen had been 57 at the date of her death. in addition to being an ex-minister, Karen was also a representative to Chile’s Government of Chile and also director of the Global Center located at Columbia University, and director of several companies like such as Luke Jetsmart as well as ISA interchile, and many more. Let us know more depth about Karen and find out the reasons of her death. Visit our site for the most recent news.

Karen Poniachik Cause Of Death

Karen Poniachik Cause Of Death

Karen was born on 20th April 1965. She was a Chilean journalist as well as a consultant and politician, too. Karen has held various positions including the minister of energy and mining as well as the president of Michelle Bachelet. To avoid the Nazi regime and the regime of the Nazis Karen’s family moved out of Romania into Chile. After the emergence of popular leftism, Karen moved together with her family in Chile in the United States and that was in the year 1970. A few years later, in 1973, she emigrated to Chile again, and began working in the field of journalism, eventually as the mining minister after actively participating in political life.

How Did Karen Poniachik Die?

Karen discovered she had breast cancer at just 35 years old . she underwent treatments such as radiation therapy and other to help her recover. After a successful recovery, she was waiting for the tumor to come back and the doctors advised she had to wait for 5 to 6 years before she could to become a mom. In the following years, Karen was an unmarried mother, and also raised her child by her. In 2007, she entered politics following her becoming an mother in the year her 44th year of age. Karen’s cancer of the breast was believed to be the cause of her death since she was not suffering from any health issue or disease apart from the breast cancer. Karen died in the 12 day 10th of the month of October in 2022. the Wednesday.

Who Was Karen Poniachik? Funeral And Obituary

The death announcement was made from a the journalist Patricia Politzer who tweeted about Karen’s passing and stated she is saddened that she announces the passing of Karen Poniachik. Patricia said she believed that Karen was a fantastic mother, a woman who had dedication and professionalism, and an excellent friend. She also said that Karen was an empathetic, feminist, humanist, who was always committed for her cause. She added that she had offered condolences to Karen’s family and friends, as stating that Karen will not be forgotten. National Mining society and Minister of energy Diego Pardow also sent their condolences for Karen’s family as well.



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