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Kurtis Colamonico Cause Of Death, Skateboarding Star Passed Away At 33, How Did He Die, What Happened To Him?

Kurtis Colamonico Cause Of Death, Skateboarding Star Passed Away At 33, How Did He Die, What Happened To Him? Kurtis Colamonico’s passing is currently being reported in the news feed. It is distressing his friends, family, and loved ones. People are devastated by the news of Kurtis’ death and want to find out the reason. They are also using this platform for condolences, and to pay tributes. They were shocked to hear about Kurtis’ passing. It was something they had never expected. His passing news was posted on the internet on Monday 22 August 2022. He was a well-known skateboarder from the United States. For the most recent updates, please visit Our website

Kurtis Colamonico Cause Of Death

Kurtis Colamonico Cause Of Death

Kurtis Colamonico’s death was not reported in the media. There is no evidence that he died from natural causes. His family has not provided any details or statements regarding his death. Many of her admirers believe he died from a stroke or was involved in a fatal accident. We aren’t making any claims about these claims, as we don’t have the official evidence or information to support them. After receiving any additional information, we will update this page. Fans are disappointed as he was widely recognized as an industry leader and promoter of the sport.

How Did Kurtis Colamonico Die?

He was not only famous for his skateboarding, but also for his podcast “All I Need Skate.” He was a skateboarder legend who performed his tricks at El Dorado. As a well-known figure, he also taught many young skateboarders. Surprisingly, he died at 33. Twitter and Facebook confirmed his passing. Fans of the skateboarder left their condolences, and also shared their tributes via social media. They shared their precious memories and remembered him. Fans have expressed their deepest sympathy to Kurtis’ family members.

Kurtis Colamonico: Funeral & Obituary

Kevin Romar, a skateboarder friend and also a close friend of Kurtis, first informed him about his passing. His passing was announced by Kevin Romar, a fellow skateboarder and friend of Kurtis. He tweeted that it was “sucking and disconcerting.” It is still hard to believe that you have left us. Rest in Peace #KurtisColamonico” As soon as the news was out, people started to tweet about him passing. One such account @ItsLuRock wrote that “Rest In Peace to a great skateboarder.” He was a great man, and everyone will remember him. His place will always remind us that even though he is no longer with us, his loving memories will always be with us.



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