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Lyft Driver Shot Dead Video Goes Viral On Social Media, A 19-Year-Old Teen In Pontiac Were Arrested, Details Explored!

Lyft Driver Shot Dead Video Goes Viral On Social Media, A 19-Year-Old Teen In Pontiac Were Arrested, Details Explored! A 19-year-old man was arrested in the case of Connecticut in which an individual was killed and later identified as the driver of a vehicle that picked him up. The situation was brutal, and the suspect is being held in custody, while police are still looking into the case. However, there are some revelations and statements provided by the police that are released in connection with the incident and they are being investigated while the man is being in custody while the matter is managed by the police. The car and woman were killed, they were recognized by the police. Let us know more depth about this case in which only a minor was taken into custody on suspicion of. Keep an eye on our site for the latest news.

Lyft Driver Shot Dead

Lyft Driver Shot Dead

According to reports according to the reports, the accused and victim were traveling in a car , and it was the car’s driver who turned out to be a taxi driver who picked up the accused and was getting ready to drop off the teenager off at his home. The police report stated that the victim was shot in the head and that she was killed in one shot because they shot her from behind. It was also reported that one bullet pierced her head and pierced. Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard said that the incidentwas shockingly Heinous as the damage to the head caused by the back went right into the front of the woman’s head. The woman was killed in the midst of the incident with no chances of survival and the police found her body.

Lyft Driver Shot Dead By A 19-Year-Old Teen In Pontiac Video

Sherriff Michael further revealed that the two individuals involved in the shooting did not have any prior relationship and that they weren’t connected in any way. He said there were no connections between them prior to this incident and added that the suspect has not spoken about the incident currently and also did not disclose the reason the woman was shot in the first place. The sheriff said that they are looking into the matter and are expected to find the reason. The footage by the adjacent CCTV shows that two were inside the vehicle when it abruptly struck the pole that was nearby and the man walked away. The car could be crashing as the woman was wounded as she lost control over the vehicle.

Lyft Driver Shot Dead By A 19-Year-Old Teenage In Pontiac Incident explained

The accident took place between Putnal Ave and Rundell Street which is the time the police received a call from police about the accident. There is no information on what happened or how it took place and the exact location as well as the police, haven’t provided any details as a result of the investigations. The suspect is in the custody of the police and is waiting to hear the charges that will be handed down, and the exact warrant’s contents were not made public from the officers. The woman who was killed in the vehicle was identified as a 49 year old, a Suburban Detroit woman, found dead inside her vehicle. She took the teenager at 5 pm on Friday and the body was discovered shortly after 5 am the next day. The suspect was detained on Friday afternoon.



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