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Marry Chirwa Scandal Video Goes Viral On Twitter, Reddit & Youtube, Watch DEC Boss Marry Chirwa Full MMS Clip Online Here!

Marry Chirwa Scandal Video Goes Viral On Twitter, Reddit & Youtube, Watch DEC Boss Marry Chirwa Full MMS Clip Online Here! This video has gone viral online. It is an intimate video of Ms. Chirwa, the Director General of the Drug Enforcement Commission of Zambia. Although the viral video did not cause much chaos, people began linking the videos and recognizing the women in it. It was later revealed that the woman in this video is Ms. Chirwa, the director general of DEC. People are also disappointed in Ms. Chirwa’s behavior. The video has been leaked, and it is not known who uploaded the video. People started mocking Ms. Chirwa online and blaming her for the video. For the most recent updates, please visit Our website

Mary Chirwa Leaked Video

Mary Chirwa Leaked Video

According to the video, Ms. Chirwa is the woman in the video. In the video, she can be seen touching her Genit@l$ and touching herself. It appeared that the woman was trying to m@$turbate. The uploader and source of the video are still unknown. Sources reveal that the woman’s face is strikingly similar to Ms. Chirwa’s. Ms. Chirwa has not responded to the request, nor does her team. People want president Hkaainde Hichilema to fire Ms. Chirwa. Ms. Chirwa’s unusual behavior is being mocked by some.

DEC Boss Mary Chirwa Viral Video

According to a source, the video was leaked by Chellah Tukuta, a close friend of Ms. Chirwa. The family of Ms. Chirwa also confirmed that photographs of Ms. Chirwa were leaked by the photographer. Sources believe that Chellah was responsible for the $ex tape being released online. Sources close to Ms. Chirwa claim that Chellah was sexually involved with Ms. Chirwa and that they were in a relationship. After Ms. Chirwa began dating and was seeing someone else, Chellah blackmailed her into giving Ms. Chirwa their private tapes and then he uploaded them online after Ms. Chirwa failed to respond.

Who is Mary Chirwa? Biography & Age

Miss. Chirwa claimed that they were close friends and Chellah would often stay at Ms. Chirwa’s house and ask her maid to prepare certain dishes. He discovered that Ms. Chirwa had been cheating on him with another woman and demanded that he not do so. The relationship was known to Ms. Chirwa’s family members. They knew that Chellah lived at Chirwa’s house and that he spent nights there, but they didn’t know that Chellah would commit such an offense and upload tapes online without Ms. Chirwa’s consent.

Sources revealed that Ms. Chirwa was able to see the furniture and interior of the bedroom in the video. However, they didn’t expect that there would be an online leak. The Ms. Chirwa team has not yet responded to the video and taken no action against it. Although the video is still online, they may soon take action. People are expressing their anger at Ms. Chirwa.



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