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Michael Elgin Arrested: Why Was Former World Champion Michael Elgin Arrested In Japan? Reason, Charges & Allegations Explored!

Michael Elgin Arrested: Why Was Former World Champion Michael Elgin Arrested In Japan? Reason, Charges & Allegations Explored! Michael Elgin A former wrestler for the ROH World championship was reported to have been arrested. According to a report, the wrestler was taken into custody and was in Japan when the rumors began. According to rumours, Michael was detained by Japanese police and could spend five years in prison. This rumor was so strong that Michael’s name was omitted from the Pro Wrestling NOAH show. Although the wrestler was initially absent from the event, it was later revealed that he had been arrested. These are rumors, and reality is quite different. We will now discuss the rumors surrounding Michael’s arrest. There was a rumor that Michael Elgin, a wrestler, was arrested after he missed the July 10 the Pro Wrestling Noah event. The truth is that the rumor was a fabrication and it’s not true. For the most recent updates, please visit Our website

Why Was Michael Elgin Arrested?

Why Was Michael Elgin Arrested?

According to reports, the name of the wrestler was removed from the competition. Michael was also rumored arrested for stealing Protein powder. It has been confirmed that Michael is currently in Jail in Japan. During the trip he took with the company, he was taken into custody. This was immediately compared to the 2016 arrest of Matt Sydal, a wrestler who was arrested for Cannabis Possession. According to a source, Michael was also accused of inappropriate sexual behavior. This was reported by many others around him. Michael was also arrested in the USA last year for violating protective orders. His ex-wife, Michael’s mother, filed a report claiming that Michael had abused her.

Who is Michael Elgin?

Aaron Frobel is Michael’s real name. The reports that Michael was arrested after the news broke online suggested that he would spend five years in prison. However, the rumors were dispelled by Frobel himself in an internet post. In a tweet he sent on Sunday morning, Michael stated that he was leaving Japan to address a family issue. He also said that he has not been arrested. In a separate tweet, he clarified that he was not arrested and that any rumor about his arrest is false and untrue. In a tweet, he stated that he doesn’t bother to say anything and that he wasn’t arrested for stealing protein powder. He also shared photos of food on board the flight and claimed that he is flying first class and was not arrested.

Michael Elgin Arrested Rumors Explored

Michael stated that he is traveling to Canada because a family member died and that that was the reason he was not present at the event. In a tweet, Michael stated that the first class does not seem like deportation. Although rumors continue to circulate on the internet about Michael, his statement has proven that he isn’t in custody. After he was accused of speaking out, he was later released. However, all the allegations were later retracted and proved to be false. According to reports, he filed a suit against the promotion in February of this year. Many of his fans are heartbroken by his decision to withdraw from the match.



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