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Miranda House College Video Goes Viral On Social Media, Men Climb Over Walls To Enter College, Details Explored!

Miranda House College Video Goes Viral On Social Media, Men Climb Over Walls To Enter College, Details Explored! A shocking news story is appearing on the internet. social media. The internet is currently flooded with questions, and you’re in the right place since we will inform you about a renowned college campus, where we can observe as well a lot of students and all female students at the college. They appeared and began pointing out a number of individuals who were climbing up the college walls as well as the gates in order to go to the Diwali celebration on the campus. The campus was also the scene of plenty of mess that was made during that particular festival. Check out our site for the latest news.

Miranda House College Viral Video

Is Men Climb Over Walls To Enter Miranda House College

The whole matter is being investigated by the police after they learned of the incident taking place in Miranda college, where the principal appeared. His name was mentioned in the report that also mentions the crowd, as well as the unhappiness and conduct of those who were in the crowd during the event. An FIR has been filed against the person who was climbing up the walls of the school. The investigation is ongoing. The deputy police commissioner, named Sagar Singh Kalsi also mentions that he’s going to charge the individuals who fall subject to the section of trespassing after having watched this specific video that has been shared several times. In the video, we observe the people climbing over the wall.

Miranda House College Viral Video

The police were notified be aware of this kind of behavior and the entire incident was investigated, they immediately took action. were determined to take control of the whole incident. The women chief whom is Swati Paliwal. She also took her time and sent a letter for the Delhi police as well as the management of the college on the whole the current situation. The girls present during the Diwali celebration, the girls were discussing about the girls in attendance at the Diwali celebrations who were there to celebrate Diwali.

We are aware the Mirinda house is among the most well-known schools of Delhi university. Currently, students have been making serious complaints about the particular incident which took place. They are also ensuring about the fact that it’s a case of exploitation and molestation, and they’ve been asking the police in Delhi to provide assistance and security.



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