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Namak Web Series Ullu App Watch Namak All Episodes Streaming Online On Ullu App

Ullu has launched a new web series. Every week, Ullu introduces a new series. There are many series online that can be viewed, but Ullu has more content than the others and requires fewer subscriptions. This app has some of the most popular web series. The web series that are available on this app have a lot of potential. They include romantic scenes and fantasies. Namak, a brand new web series that was just released, is now available on the Ullu App.

Namak Web Series Ullu App Watch Namak All Episodes Streaming Online On Ullu App

Namak Web Series

Keep watching as we cover details about the Namak series, as well as its release date and cast. Namak series, as the title suggests, depicts or highlights the saltiness of a husband and wife relationship. There are many series that are available on the Ully, but the Namak series is the first to be released. The Ullu app also has some of the most popular series like Walkman, Watchman and Imli. There are also dream girl series, rikshawali, and Doraha. There are also many older series that can be found on the Ullu app, which is viewed by millions.

Namak is a web series that focuses on husband and wife, as well as other men in their lives. The web series should be viewed by adults and people over 18. This web series will be available on Friday, January 6th 2023. It will also be available on Friday, January 7th 2023. Because it is a weekend release, it will get a lot more views than usual. The web series is currently only available in Hindi. Details about the writer and director of the series are yet to be revealed.

The cast details for the web series are still unknown. Although the series makers have released the trailer, it is not clear what the rest of the information will be. The details about the director and the actors may be revealed later in the release. Muskaan Agarwal, who plays the role of a wife in the Namak web-series, was previously mentioned. This web series tells the story about a woman who is bullied and surrounded by men who have been sent to her by her husband.

The trailer for the Namak web series has been released on YouTube by the Ullu App. The trailer begins with the wife not being satisfied with her husband. On the other hand, she becomes really agitated and tells her husband that he is not good at work. While the husband deals with his boss for an overnight, the promotion is for him. He has a habit of dealing with problems while his wife is sleeping with any man he wants. The story becomes intense when someone blackmails the couple.



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