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Nike Tech Kid Dead Or Alive? Death Hoax And Rumors Explained

This information was recently released about the Nike tech boy. If you don’t know this, the entire social media platform is filled with death rumors about him. Now, a Tik Tok was going viral on social media regarding him. We can see that he was officially declared dead. After a quick investigation, it was determined that the model of this product is false. He was created where people were.

Nike Tech Kid Dead

Nike Tech Kid Dead

He was the one featured in all of the Nike ads. On December 20, there was news that this child had been reported as dead. As we previously mentioned, the Tik Tok said that he committed suicide after going through all the details. This is because his parents were involved in a violent divorce.

People believed this news immediately and didn’t bother to research the entire matter. The website that supported it was now removed. This fake news is not reliable and we can’t make false statements about any living person.

Many photos show him wearing Nike jackets and posing with the brand. He is also a Latino boy who has been promoting the brand for the please tracksuit, which will be available online in the middle of 2022. He used to sponsor the Instagram account to help promote it.



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