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One Piece Chapter 1061 Episode Streaming Online On Crunchyroll, Release Date, Cast, Spoilers And Time Revealed!

One Piece Chapter 1061 Episode Streaming Online On Crunchyroll, Release Date, Cast, Spoilers And Time Revealed! One Piece is one of the most well-known and popular manga series that has become well-known on a bigger scale. As chapters are added to the stories, more people are interested in knowing what the creators will think of in the next chapter of the story. Since the mangas are becoming popular with manga fans as well as creators coming up with different news stories, there is a variety of manga series that are getting not only fame but also popularity. On Ice is one manga that is extensively read. A new One Piece is out called chapter 1061. Here is a look at some clues as well as the dates for the release of the new chapter of the manga. Keep an eye on our website to get the most up-to-date news.

one piece chapter 1061 episode

One Piece Chapter 1061 Episode

The most recent chapter of One piece is set to be released on 25 September 2022. of September 2022. because the timings may differ, the creators have announced the exact timing based on the timelines of a few zones around the world. This week, the manga series has not released any chapters, and then on Sunday, which is the 25 or 25th of September, 2022 the creators have set to publish the next chapter. Chapter 1061 will be released at 1 am in accordance with Japanese standard time. The other times would be the following: the CDT time is at e10 am Eastern daytime will be at around 11 am. British time will be 4 pm CEST is expected to be around 5 pm. Indian time will be approximately 8:30 pm and Philippines timings will be at 11 pm.

One Piece Chapter 1061 Release Date And Time

We’ll now go over the spoilers for the new chapter. Chapter 1061 of the news is known as Egg head, which is the name of the island that will be the future. The chapter begins with the Straw hats gang, and they’re sailing toward Egg Head Island. The island is controlled by a scientist named Veagpunk and he’s somewhat obscure. On the other side of the island is the group of children who are considered to be dangerous and are naval-based. The group includes children like Tashigi and swordsmen too. Going straight to Hemoppo the kid is now determined the save of saving Kobe and is planning to take Seraphim of Vegaunk. On the other side, Luffy, Kampei, Chopper as well as Bonnie are separated from each other and the rest of the group is separated from them. A woman is seen in front of them and claims that they are Vegapunk.

One Piece Chapter 1061 Spoilers And Cast

The latest chapter is available to see or read on 25 of September 2022. in September 2022. the most recent chapter will be different due to time zones. Since the time zones are different. There could be many theories and leaks about the storyline on the internet. Because the timings differ, the date of release could be different in different countries too, however, the date of release is the same date, 25 days according to Japanese timings. The manga is available on Viz media as well as on Shonen jump, too. However, Shonen has a subscription program that costs 1.99 USD per month. Additionally, it can be read by various manga reviewers, but only after the chapter’s publication.



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