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One Piece Chapter 1063 Review, Release Date, Trailer, Teaser And Spoiler Revealed!

One Piece Chapter 1063 Review, Release Date, Trailer, Teaser And Spoiler Revealed! One Piece chapter 1063 is set to be released, and fans are waiting for the chapter’s release in a huge way. The last week saw a gap since there was no announcement of the new chapter. However, because there’s now an update in the latest chapter, it could be stated that the new chapter is going to provide some interesting twists and twists to the story. We will also glimpse the vegapunks and egghead island in greater detail, as well as be aware of how the storyline will evolve. The week before was a significant leap and also resulted in a lot of waiting for Fans. Let’s discover more information about the launch of chapter 1063 from One Piece chapter 1063 and be aware of the storyline of this chapter thoroughly. Visit our web page for the latest news.

One Piece Chapter 1063 Review

One Piece Chapter 1063 Review

In the final chapter, we learned that the crew of the halt was ready to look further into the six distinct Vegapubks, and also to learn more about the people living on Egghead Island. Luffy, Bannyem Jinbe, and Chopper who were in the opposite side of Egghead Island were shown confronting a different variant of the scientist Atlas. It was later discovered that the scientist wasn’t the original one but rather an orbiting satellite that was placed by the islands to watch the island and to keep it safe. Shaka was shown too as a vegapunk. was slapped by Lilith who is warnings by Shaka about the island’s inhabitants, Zora and Robin who also reside living on the island.

One Piece Chapter 1063 Release Date And Time

Let’s talk about the publication of chapter 1063 of the manga that is a one-piece. According to the creators of the manga the new chapter 1063 is scheduled to come out on October 17 day of the month of October in 2022. it will be released at 1 AM JST. As there will be different timings across different countries and locations below is a breakdown of the times of release of the latest chapter. According to Pacific timing, the launch is scheduled for 8am October 16th. Central Timing will be 10 am on October 16th, 11 am October 16th EST, 4:00 pm BST October 16th, 8:30 at night, October 16th IST. 11pm on October 16th Philippine time and 12:30pm Oct 17th Australian time. The fans can browse the manga via the Shueisha’s App and Shonen Jump Plus as well.

One Piece Chapter 1063 Trailer And Spoilers

We now turn to what are likely to see in the next chapter (1063). the chapter could release an investigation into the island’s visitors, or the vegapunk family may be introduced. The original scientist could be revealed in the next episode, too and there is the possibility that we’ll be able learn more about the original and different version within the chapter. The government’s motives to kill could be investigated in this chapter, and Zara is also being fascinated by speaking with the doctor.



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