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Putnam Valley Crash: Bryan Tumolo Mahopac Cause Of Death, Is He Died In A Car Accident, One Dead & Three Injured: Says Reports!

Putnam Valley Crash: Bryan Tumolo Mahopac Cause Of Death, Is He Died In A Car Accident, One Dead & Three Injured: Says Reports! A fatal accident occurred in Putnam valley which resulted in the death of one person, and numerous other people injured. The accident happened on Wednesday, and residents were stunned to learn about the crash. In the two cars involved in Collison was a teenager in one of them who suffered injuries and then airlifted to the police. A person is reported as dead. There have been numerous deaths from car accidents or accidents. That is that police are releasing alerts to manage the situation. Putnam valley is located in New York State. Putnam valley is situated in New York State. Let’s learn more about the accident that took place in Putnam valley and also learn about the individuals who were involved. Keep an eye on our Website for the most up-to-date information.

putnam Valley Crash

Bryan Tumolo Mahopac Cause Of Death

According to officers of the local area, the incident was reported to have occurred in the evening of the 28 days on September 2nd early in the morning on Wednesday and two vehicles had been involved in the crash. According to reports, those who were declared dead were a Mahopac man, and with him were three teenagers as well as three teens were also injured. The moment the walkers from the neighborhood and the resident were informed of the incident, they contacted the police. As the police arrived, they came to discover that the man that was believed was of Mahopac is dead. The car with teens in it was checked. Fortunately, they were alive and they were taken to hospital.

 Bryan Tumolo Mahopac Died In A Car Accident

The deceased was identified as a 23-year-old Mahopac man identified as Bryan Tumolo. There is currently no information about the location or the time that the teens were traveling and the exact manner in which the crash happened as the investigations are continuing and the police are investigating the matter. Teens who were involved in the crash have been hospitalized and are currently in serious condition however, they are being monitored. When we talk about Bryan the driver, he was headed toward the north end of Wood St and he left his residence at 8:55 pm at night. He crossed his vehicle near the Southbound vehicle that was driver by Lake Peekskill aged 18 years old. He was injured too.

One Dead & Three Injured In Putnam Valley Crash

Alongside the 18-year old Lake Two other persons at fault in the crash were female 17-year-old passengers and a 15-year old female passenger. The two of them came located in Putnam valley. The doctors have confirmed that the 17-year-old suffered multiple injuries and were taken for treatment at hospital Westchester Medical centre for treatment. There were multiple departments present at the scene, helping victims of the crash out and assisting in investigations. NYS Police Collision Reconstruction Unit, Sherrif’s deputy and investigators, as well as Carmel Police Department members were present at the scene to assist in the investigation and helping victims.



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