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Quinton Simon Cause of Death, Missing Toddler From Georgia Quinton Passed Away, How Did She Die? Reason Explored!

Quinton Simon Cause of Death, Missing Toddler From Georgia Quinton Passed Away, How Did She Die? Reason Explored! A child reported missing just a few days ago is believed to be dead according to the Georgia police. They also have said that nobody is being held at the moment, however, they suspect that the parent of the kid is. Police suspect the parents of the child who was reported missing. There is an ongoing investigation into the child even though the child hasn’t been seen and police believe that he’s dead. Police have stated that they are declaring that they believe that the child may be dead and that the announcement was heartbreaking for a lot people watching. We should learn more in-depth regarding the issue and learn about the case in greater detail. Visit our site for the most recent updates.

Quinton Simon Cause Of Death

Quinton Simon Cause Of Death

According to sources and reports from the officer in charge of the police, Quinton was reported to be missing from his home in the evening of the 5 day 10th of the month, in 2022. that was the day he saw. While it was his mom to say that the child disappeared, the boy who was with her claimed that the child wasn’t observed until the morning of 6 am and that the child was reported missing by 9:30 am, which was a long way before the child being reported missing. The police also issued an official statement saying that said they were sad and grieved to announce that the child could have been missing and suspect the mother of the child in this case however, the investigation is continuing.

What Happened With Quinton Simon?

Police later revealed they will issue a statement on Thursday. Until then, there will not be any answers to questions or any statements from the police. It’s not clear whether the mother of Quinton has any legal representation and she’s not answering any media inquiries. Since the child who is only 20 months old went absent, a variety of teams of researchers and search teams were involved to locate the child, but they failed since they could not find any information concerning the child. Police have also said that they are aware of the FBI was also concerned in the investigation but no reports were that was made. The investigations aren’t complete at this point but will go on until the perpetrator is identified.

Who Was Quinton Simon? Funeral And Obituary

In the end, police declared that they didn’t discover anything that was related to the child, however they did reveal that they had an evidence piece that they will be searching for the perpetrator, however police have not disclosed what evidence they have uncovered. The principal suspect in this instance could be the mom of the child. The police have not taken any action and will divulge all the details of the case next week, they may have discovered something that is very similar to the suspect, and that is the reason they suspect the mother of the child.



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