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Rajkumar Thapa Gf Video Viral On Social Media, Watch Alisha Khadgi Kanda MMS Clip Leaked Link Explored!

While there are many content creators online with vast and varied content, YouTubers or influencers post a lot of content. However, the creator who is most popular gets the attention of the audience. Many people become viral due to the negative attention they received or because they are in the limelight. This is one example of such content creators online.

Rajkumar Thapa Gf Video Viral On Social Media, Watch Alisha Khadgi Kanda MMS Clip Leaked Link Explored!

Rajkumar Thapa Gf Video

Alisha Khadgi’s negative content is drawing huge attention from the internet. Her own content creator is also viral online. Stay tuned until the end to see details about this online controversy. Alisha has gone viral online because of recent controversy.

This brought her to the forefront. She went on a bike ride recently, which was fine. But, later, a video was uploaded of her and she was charged with violating the law. While there had been no issues with the video earlier, later the video started to get hateful comments and was also receiving support from many viewers. Alisha is a content creator. She works with another creator named

Rajkumar Thapa Magar creates content online. The controversial video became viral online and Thapa, the content creator, asked questions about it online. Alisha, a Kathmandu native, is frequently asked about her culture and ethnicity. She also uploads various photos from her life and surroundings. Nearly every video of her shows her daily life and routine.

Her Vlogs are uploaded to her YouTube channel. She uploaded a video of herself riding a bike earlier this week. A report was filed against her. It was noted that biking in public places is illegal. The video caused confusion among the viewers, leading to a lot of controversies. Alisha, the creator of the video, had to explain what she had done online and apologize. Her video was reported by the Metropolitan Police

She was also asked about it. Alisha was seen riding her bicycle in the forbidden area of the road. This is where technically people walk. Alisha was seen riding in public areas where there were greater chances of people being hurt. This was the reason why the Kathmandu traffic police posted it on their Facebook and other social media like Twitter.

Complaints about the creators riding bicycles. Alisha’s friend, who can also be seen on YouTube riding bicycles, was also reported. The police took away the friend after the complaint was filed. Thapa uploaded a video earlier in which he was riding his bicycle and collided to other riders, creating an issue on the road. Alisha and Thapa posted the actual events.

They also mentioned the reason they were arrested. Police also prohibited the use of bicycles in areas that could cause injury to pedestrians. Police mentioned that Thapa should not be violating traffic rules for the purpose of recording or blogging. They also warned Thapa to observe the rules and take the appropriate steps while riding bicycles on the roads. People who use bicycles on the road also asked for this.



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