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Rochester NYC Shooting: No Active Shooter Found At Lourdes High School: Says Reports & Details Explored!

Rochester NYC Shooting: No Active Shooter Found At Lourdes High School: Says Reports & Details Explored! Rochester, NYC, a shooting was reported to police. When it was revealed the shooting was active within Lourdes High School the police arrived at the spot without wasting a second. The call was made at the beginning of Wednesday. Police were on the scene in a hurry to the scene. The moment the call was received, the school was placed under rigorous investigation. After the investigations were concluded, police claimed that the call was simply the result of a swatting phone call. Although they were experiencing a rush of activity, it was merely a being swatted. Let us know more about the shooting incident at Lourdes High School, and find out if there was any injuries. Keep an eye on our site for the most up-to-date news.

Rochester NYC Shooting Viral Video

Rochester NYC Shooting Viral Video

After the investigation was concluded, Rochester Police Department officers confirmed that there were no injuries there was no threat to the school and no active shooter in the school at present. There is also no shooting or active shooter which was identified by police, which suggests that the call was an e-mail scam. The police have confirmed that the call was made at 10:06 in the morning. the caller was an online number but the caller was genuine. While the phone call received on Wednesday concerning the shooting wasn’t located in the same area where the school was constructed The police are currently seeking to determine who made the call. Chief Franklin stated that despite the fact that it was a hoax and they are now equipped with the ability to respond in the fastest speed.

What Happened At Lourdes High School Today?

There was a large police patrol and police vehicles spotted at the school as the investigation was ongoing. RPS as well as Olmsted County Sherriff officers as were also present to seek recusal. When the shooting was announced and the police were gathered on the scene the students were transferred to the auditorium where police searched every part of the building before completing the investigation. After the investigation was concluded, the police let the students go and gave security signals. President Annemarie Vega of the Rochester Catholics schools has confirmed that despite the fact that the call was not genuine police been able to respond in the manner they are required to do.

Even though the shooting was fake, the students were not aware of the shooting and were not informed of the incident until after the investigation was completed to shield them from the subject that led to the incident. Local authorities are currently working on bringing charges on the individual who provided false information because it caused a disturbance. In Mayo School in Rochester, Mayo School of Rochester, there was a shooting that is believed that was reported, but the incident was similar as the previous one but there was not shooting nor any danger to the students. The police later clarified. Mayo school was in lockdown until the investigation was complete and the lockdown was lifted after all was confirmed to be secure.



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