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Roselin & Padma Cause Of Death, Two Women From Kerala Were Killed Or Not? Reason, Funeral And Obituary Explored!

Roselin & Padma Cause Of Death, Two Women From Kerala Were Killed Or Not? Reason, Funeral And Obituary Explored! A shocking story is coming out where we will learn that women who have been killed were carried out in Kerala to fulfill rituals that are black magic, yes it seems so strange that those of the current generation continues to believe in the power of black magic. This incident occurred on Tuesday and the police arrested three persons. You’re in the right spot because here we will provide you with details about the scene that occurred at Kochi Kerala on October 11 in which a woman suspected of killing was accused of speaking about the victim, who was part of , and who sold lotteries tickets to those who were out there. Visit our web page for the latest news.

Roselin & Padma Cause Of Death

Roselin & Padma Cause Of Death

It’s a scary sound and, along with the crime, which is brutal. Police of Kochi are investigating the whole incident, and have discovered two bodies in the house. The location was Pathanamthitta. The murder was discussed and it occurred between June 6 and 26 September. They were discussing the motives behind the murder. murder which is why police are trying to determine if the suspect is wanted to allow them to approach the woman to inquire about the ritual of sacrifice for human beings.

Who Was Roselin & Padma?

In the aftermath of this incident, the police launched an investigation. they discovered that a resident in the SRM street in Kochi and whose name Shafi Shafi has a connection to this particular incident but it’s a bit hazy currently and the reason for the death is not known. But why do people and even police officers, are having concerns about this particular person is due to the fact that earlier in the year, Shafi was the person who published a post on a social network in which he asked anyone to get in touch with him looking for the Pooja ceremony so that it could be more beneficial for their well-being as well as their financial wealth.

What Happened With Roselin & Padma? Funeral Details

After that specific incident, the couple named Thiruvalla is a native of Bhagwan Singh together with wife Laila have decided that they’ll carry out this specific Pooja of ritual following the time they learned about this particular addition. Shafi was among the individuals who would convince people to believe that they will sacrifice a person so that a they can find a solution to solve their problems. The woman’s body was found, and began to research the matter. They discovered the woman who was missing and being murdered by the couple. Her body was being buried . It was also cut in several pieces.



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