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Sher Ali Restaurant Video Goes Viral On Twitter, Reddit & Youtube, Watch Former Minister Abid Sher Ali’s Father Full Video Goes Leaked On Social Media!

Sher Ali Restaurant Video Goes Viral On Twitter, Reddit & Youtube, Watch Former Minister Abid Sher Ali’s Father Full Video Goes Leaked On Social Media! LONDON: A Turkish restaurant clarified that PML-N leader Abid Sher Ali did not jump the queue. He had booked tables in advance for his family after videos of him arguing with a Pakistani man went viral online. For More Updates Stay Tuned With

Sher Ali Restaurant Video

Three sets of videos circulated Tuesday night: one showing Abid Sher Ali abusing Shahid Khan; another showing Shahid Khan abusing Abid Sher Ali; and the third featuring a statement from Shahid Khan’s child Shayan Ali. Abid Sher Ali released a video on Wednesday explaining his version of events. He claimed that Shahid Khan first used his wife to attack him, and then used his son for similar purposes.

Sher Ali Restaurant Viral Video

Umar Saeed Butt, who spoke on behalf of the Pakistani-born man at the restaurant and called himself “businessman Shahid Khan of East London”, sent the first set of videos to the media. The video that included Shahid Khan’s statement, which was recorded at the scene, shows Abid Sher Ali jumping the queue along with his family and bypassing other customers.

The Turkish “Gokyuzu Restaurant”, however, stated that Abid Sher Ali did not jump the queue and had a confirmed booking for July 20, 20:30 for 13 persons. Abid Sher Ali also shared his reservation details with the media and provided a confirmation of his booking.

Sher Ali Restaurant Leaked Video

Umar Saeed Butt is a paid member to PTI UK and stated that Shahid Khan was attacked while passing by his table. The father of Shayan Ali, Umar Saeed Butt, released a video explaining that his parents had approached Abid Sher Ali to question him about allegedly breaking the queue for the table.

Shayan Ali stated that Abid Sher Ali was wrong to believe that Pakistan is the UK. There, you can get in the queues as royalty. Everyone is treated equally in the UK. My mother mentioned the fact that the Pakistani money is paying for the meals. My father and Abid Sher Ali were abused by a woman and my mother.

Former Minister Abid Sher Ali’s Father Viral Video

Abid Sher Ali, who was the one making the statement, showed the reservation and stated that he had seen the booking. He also said that a man in the restaurant used his wife as an attack target. His son used his mother to make a scene. He pushed her forward, gave her a placard, and confronted us. Ali stated that she began to abuse me, and her husband too.

He said, “They were from PTI, and it was their tradition to do these things.” They wanted the video viral, but I replied with the same coin. They were thrown out by the restaurant management. PTI members are reminded that this was a trailer. We reserve the right not to respond.

Umar Saeed Butt confirmed the existence of Shahid Khan and Shayan Ali as members of PTI. In two videos, Shayan Ali stated that he had no relationship with PTI. Pakistani journalists circulated photos of Shayan Ali dressed in the PTI flag, and his father seated on a podium with PML-N Punjab leaders.

Shahid Khan’s relatives said that Shahid Khan was an activist for PML-N until about four years ago, and then he joined PTI. Photographs showed him running a campaign in Lahore to support the PML-N for a bye-election. According to a family source, the family joined PTI later and campaigned for it.

Waheed-ur-Rehman Miah, President of PTI UK, stated in a statement that PTI strongly condemned all forms of hooliganism. He stated that anyone could sympathize with PTI and work for it, but that this does not mean their actions will be approved by the PTI policy.



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