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Singer Jaani Car Accident Video Goes Viral On Twitter, Reddit & Youtube, Is Punjabi Lyricist Jaani Dead Or Alive? What Happened With Singer Jaani?

Singer Jaani Car Accident Video Goes Viral On Twitter, Reddit & Youtube, Is Punjabi Lyricist Jaani Dead Or Alive? What Happened With Singer Jaani? After hearing about the tragic road accident that claimed the life of the popular Punjabi lyricist, the breaths of Punjabi singer fans were repressed once more. Fans are still reeling from the sudden death of Sidhu Mossewala, a prominent Punjabi singer and Congress leader. Now this news is causing them distress. According to the latest reports, Jaani, a famous Punjabi singer-lyricist, was recently injured in a traffic accident.

Punjabi Lyricist-Singer Jaani Road Accident

His accident news was immediately reported on by the media. Many of his followers were in shock and began to search for information about his health. The music industry has had a difficult year. One after another, many musicians are in danger of losing their lives. Surprisingly, most of the death news about musical celebrities is related to them. For the most recent updates, please visit Our website

Punjabi Lyricist-Singer Jaani Road Accident

The latest news about accident news is that Jaani Johan, a famous Punjabi singer/lyricist, was killed in an accident on the road. It happened Tuesday, 19 July 2022. According to reports, his car collided with an SUV in Mohali (Punjab). He was also injured and two others were also hurt in the incident. Fans want to know why the accident happened. According to the cops, the accident could have been caused by jumping a red light. The SUV and Ford Figo collided. According to some reports, the crash was so powerful that both vehicles were forced to turn several times.

Is Singer Jaani Dead Or Alive?

The victim of the fatal accident escaped with only minor injuries. Credit goes to the airbags that were installed in the cars. One of the victims was a well-known singer. Jaani and two of his associates were immediately admitted to Mohali’s private hospital after the incident was reported. According to the media outlet, the commuters in the other vehicle sustained minor injuries. According to IANS reports, Jaani will have to undergo wounds to his neck and back. The singer-lyricist was seated in the back with his companion, while the driver was driving.

What Happened With With Punjabi Lyricist Jaani?

Since Jaani’s accident became public, Jaani’s admirers have sent their best wishes and prayed for Jaani’s quick recovery. Jaani shared the news via his social media account, where he also posted details about his fatal accident. Jaani also shared his current health status, stating that he is now in good spirits and sustained only minor injuries. In his post, he also included a caption that stated, “My eyes saw death today. But then, I saw BAABE NAK. So today, I saw both God and death together…. My friends and I are fine, just got minor injuries. Keep us in mind when you send #JAANI your best wishes.



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