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South Korea Flood Video Goes Viral On Social Media, More Than 8 People During This Flood: Says Reports!

South Korea Flood Video Goes Viral On Social Media, More Than 8 People During This Flood: Says Reports! At least seven people were reported to have died in Seoul from the torrential rains that are pouring down constantly. According to local media reports and videos posted on the internet, South Korea has been experiencing problems due to the torrential rains that have continued for two days. Seoul, the capital, is also experiencing problems due to the rain. The cars and trains as well as houses on the streets, which were shown in videos from localities, are half submerged in water.

South Korea Flood Viral Video

Locals are also having issues. Let’s discuss the conditions in South Korea and Seoul. The photos and videos that are being released from the areas show the Seoul metropolitan area, which is home to 25 million people. People were walking through the water with water up to their waists. Subway stations, cars and other vehicles were submerged in water. In some places, the water was even overflowing. For the most recent updates, please visit Our website

South Korea Flood Viral Video

Officials have said that seven people were found dead so far. A 13-year-old girl was found trapped in a basement. Two adults were also present. They were all reported to be dead. Six other people were also reported missing. This is the first time in history that the rain has been this severe. The rains, which were supposed to end in two days, have continued until now. It is the worst flood in years. According to the weather reports, 381.5 millimetres have fallen in Seoul. This is on Monday 8 August. Similar events occurred in 1920, when rainfall was measured at 354.7 millimetres and fell in the capital of the Country.

South Korea’s Worst Flood Viral Pictures

In Seoul, there were many photos and videos showing people surviving the floods and other areas that were affected by them. One picture that went viral online showed a man wearing a suit sitting on top of a car while it was submerged in water. It was raining constantly. In a Facebook post, President Yoon Suk Yeol stated that citizens’ lives are precious and that nothing is more important. The President stated that the government was looking forward to managing heavy rain situations using the central disaster safety precautions. Many areas were blocked off and residents in lower parts of the city were asked not to stay there as the water levels are rising.

The Korea Metrological Administration issued an alert Monday warning that certain areas could receive between 50 and 100 centimetres of rainfall. Heat advisories were also issued to the Eastern South Korean provinces. A teacher from Anyang In Gyeonggi, South Seoul, he witnessed a first-floor resident in one building remove water as it was getting in. The intense rains could also have been caused by global warming and high temperatures. Warmer temperatures will result in more water being evaporated, which will lead to higher rainfall amounts in certain areas. South Korea currently faces floods, particularly in Seoul.



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