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Stas Reshetnikov Live Stream Video Viral All Over The Internet, Watch Here

A video host on the internet who killed his girlfriend during an unsettling Livestream has been sent to jail. Russia’s trash video blogger ReeFlay whose actual identity is Stanislav Reshetnikov 30 years old his real name is Reshetnyak has been accused of causing grievous bodily injury which led to his imprisonment for six years. the penal colony that is strict. The aim of trash vlogging humiliating and abuse viewers during live streams to earn viewers’ donations .

Stas Reshetnikov Live Stream Video Viral All Over The Internet, Watch Here

Stas Reshetnikov Live Stream Video

The 28-year-old Valentina “Valya” Grigoryeva died from “head injuries” following an online live “abuse”. In the live stream that led to Reshetnikov’s death, the viewers paid Reshetnikov to abuse them verbally and physically assault her.

In an online video, his mom, Elena Reshetnyak was seen kissing the boy before he went to the court in Moscow. The tears were visible when his body was taken by armed officers, who were waiting to start the sentence. Live video streams which he uploaded to the internet led to global headlines and he was accused of calling Grigoryeva a “prostitute” as well as “smelly”.

In the beginning, it was said that she died following being locked in a secluded area in freezing temperatures, and then watched live by viewers who watched on YouTube along with other websites. However, experts from the forensic field determined that she died from head injuries.

When Reshetnikov 30 years old allowed her to return into the space, it became obvious to those watching that she had passed away and prompted some of them to dial 911. Along with the injury to the cerebrospinal column, there were numerous bruises on her face as well as hemorrhages in their soft tissue”.

In the words of law enforcement authorities, ReeFlay “told the police that he had slapped the deceased multiple times with his head on the day of inquiry.” During the interview, the man admitted to “beating the deceased “.

The pregnancy was later confirmed in the wake of initial reports. The person who was streamed was found to be “sane” and competent to stand trial after mental and psychiatric tests. Utilizing an object as a weapon, he deliberately caused bodily injury to a victim, which resulted in their death due to carelessness.

According to the news outlet, the Russian Investigative Commission has also said that it will investigate whether the man whose home the body was found was guilty of illegal actions against the body. As reported by the Mirror, the Mirror reports that a YouTube representative expressed shock over the tragedy. YouTube should not permit the production of such content. “While the live stream itself did not occur on YouTube, however, the associated account was immediately shut down and removed,”



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