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Tanya Pardazi Cause Of Death, TikTok Star & Beauty Queen Tanya Died In SkyDiving Accident Video Goes Viral On Social Media!

 We are going to share some shocking facts and news with you in this article. This is Tanya Pardazi, a well-known beauty queen and influencer. After falling from a skydiving flight in Ontario Canada, she suffered a fatal accident. She died on August 27, 2022. Tanya Pardazi is currently a University of Toronto student. She went on the trip with her coworkers which was described as an adventure trip but turned into a hectic experience for all. She made this her first solo skydiving jump. For the most recent updates, please visit Our website

Tanya Pardazi Cause Of Death

Tanya Pardazi Cause Of Death

When it comes to her age, she is only 21 years old. She is also from Canada. It was an unexpected death for her. She was discussing the situation and said that she was skydiving. However, she was getting injured in the sky jumper operation and was trying to open her parachute. It was then she was declared dead on the spot. She was also talking about her educational qualifications. She was a student at the University of Toronto who studied philosophy. And she was also talking about her video. On 22 August she uploaded her last video. Before her death, she had completed a day of ground training and was certified to dive solo.

How Did Tiktoker Tanya Pardazi Die?

They also mentioned that she was a Miss Canada beauty contestant and that she made it to the semi-finals. She was very charming and beautiful, and although she loved adventure and travel, her sole purpose in life was to live each second. She was known as the brave girl in the crowd. We are very sorry to report her passing. Unfortunately, we don’t have much information about her past and her family. However, our deep condolences and sympathy go out to her family to help them through the difficult days ahead.



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