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Theonecornelia TikTok Drama Video Goes Viral On Twitter, Reddit & Youtube, Watch Full Viral Video Online Here!

Theonecornelia TikTok Drama Video Goes Viral On Twitter, Reddit & Youtube, Watch Full Viral Video Online Here! Shine, also known by Michelle Fox, is a TikTok star. Her husband shot her directly in the face. Because that incident was so deeply etched in her soul, she was approached by spiritual healing and medical treatments. The story of Fox’s husband Mariusz Burchacki shooting her directly went viral on the digital media platform. It received maximum media coverage via telecast from national news channels as well as social media platforms. Burchacki accidentally shot her while demonstrating the operation of his new shotgun to her on February 21st. While she was learning about shotguns her husband was holding another shotgun and suddenly one shot was fired, which hit Fox directly in the face. For the most recent updates, please visit Our website

Theonecornelia Tiktok Viral Video

Theonecornelia Tiktok Viral Video

Burchacki was taken into custody immediately after the incident and brought to the attention of the police. He was convicted of second-degree assault against his wife, and sentenced to five years imprisonment. In her earlier TikTok videos, the context was usually about women being tortured in domestic settings. She posted videos about domestic violence most of the time. Her TikTok username was @theonecornelia. Further investigation revealed that her social media handles were also included. The captions in her posts all had to do with women’s empowerment, and the oppression they have been experiencing.

Theonecornelia Face Shot Video

Cops brought a case against her husband for allegedly being violent at her home. Fox was also seen in a face prosthetic. Fox spoke out about her dark life and how there is no hope for her. Fox’s friend even saw her daughter outside the house, and noticed the noise coming from the house that was related to their fight. Afterward, she called 911 to report the police for assistance. It was too late for her husband to come out of the ward in tears. He had just learned that his wife was no longer with him.

Theonecornelia Full TikTok Drama Story

Footages reveal that her daughter was unable to communicate well with others due to health issues. She had also lost her mother so young. Fox was an energetic woman who loved life and lived her life fully. Fox was not bothered by any difficulties in her life. She was able to conquer any difficulty and enjoy every moment. God grant her peace and strength. Her soul must receive justice. Publicly, the results of her case’s investigation will be made public. We must continue to pray for her.



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