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Tristan Thompson Mom Andrea Death Reason And cause, What Happened To Her Explained!

Another sad story comes straight from basketball. Tristan Thompson’s mom Andrea Thompson died on the 6th of January 2022. We want to first say our deepest condolences to his family. May her soul rest in peace. The 31-year-old National basketball association player shared the news via his social media accounts, where he was writing a very sad message. Only her family and close friends will be allowed to attend the private funeral.

Tristan Thompson Mom Andrea Death Reason And cause, What Happened To Her Explained!

Tristan Thompson Mom Andrea

Although the cause of her death is not known, it seems likely that she died from natural causes as he was not suffering from any serious illness. On his Instagram, he also posted a video in which he said that he was certain that his son would be a celebrity and that if a person needs help, a celebrity would come to her rescue. On 13 March 1991, she gave birth to Tristan Trevor James Thompson. He was born in Canada. His height is 6′ 9″ and his weight is 115kg.

Tristan Thompson, the ex-partner of a basketball player, was also spotted. She will also be providing emotional support. There are many photos of Tristan’s mother as a child when he was still playing with her. Her sacrifices were significant and he was able to become a great athlete. She would be proud of her son, and the way he fulfilled his dream to become one of the tops in the world. Thompson is reported to have left Los Angeles on Thursday.

He attended St. Marguerite d’Youville Secondary school (Brampton), Ontario. He played basketball a lot and became interested in the sport. His journey began at Texas college, where he was picked up in 2011 by Cleveland. He was a champion in 2016 and was selected for the second team in 2012. In 2011, he received the award for freshman year. In 2008, he was selected for the Canada National Basketball Team.

He won a bronze medal against Argentina. In 2016, he began dating Khloe Kardashian, and, in 2018, he gave birth to their daughter. Later, there were controversies. There were also many stories on the Internet about him being unfaithful to celebrities. The distance between them was growing. They decided to keep their relationship going after the coronavirus pandemic.



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